Create life-changing online courses, profitable memberships, 
thriving communities and media that inspires.

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Our all-inclusive Majik Membership includes:

Your first week is on the house! 😃

Go from Idea to Launch

We are right by your side, every step of the way.

1. Get Coached

Get a 1-1 strategy session with Bradley. Start your journey with clarity, confidence & momentum.

2. Get to Work

Follow the action plan. Do the recommended courses, come to Majik Minds & and do the work.

3. Launch & Prosper

Launch something you’re proud of with our proven launch plans and transform lives while prospering.

A Community for Creators like You

This is for you if you pour your heart into your work and you have a desire for the good work you do to:

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"Working with Majik Media has been a phenomenal experience for me. Thanks to them, I have a step-by-step plan to launch my course and I've gotten further in 4 weeks than in the entire previous year!"
Jennifer Summerfeldt
Majik Member

Everything You Need to Succeed

Your all-inclusive membership includes our best work, coaching & private community.

Make a Plan & Get to Work with Clarity

You get a 1-1 coaching session with Bradley, where you map out your inspired action plan together.
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Map out your Binge-Worthy Course idea

Learn our majik tricks for crafting wildly engaging, transformational online learning experiences. 
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Create the Greatest Course Imaginable

Go from idea-to-launch with our flagship course that will set you apart from the rest.
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Build & Grow your Mighty Membership

Build your dream community and membership in Mighty Networks, starting with a solid strategy.
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Take your Videos from Boring to Awesome

Learn to produce magical video lessons that captivate and educate via the power of a green screen.
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Produce Pro Videos with just your Phone

Look F#*king awesome on camera with nothing more than your phone and creativity.

Regular Coaching at our Majik Mind Sessions

Every 2 weeks we do a 2-hour community Majik Mind, where you get personal coaching.

Learn from the Best so you Can Be the Best

I bring in the best, most creative and honest entrepreneurs & creators I know to teach classes.

Tech Wizardry and Recommendations

Stop wasting money and time on tech. We tell you what to get, based on your budget & vision. 

Get Shit Done and Win Cash Doing It

Join our community challenges where you get inspired, coached & have the chance to win money.

A Private Community for the Inspired Creator

Join the coolest group of purpose-driven creators who are here to get shit done while having fun. 

Meditation Majik
by Bradley T. Morris

Free your majik with Bradley's online meditation library of 35 tracks, which has spanned 70+ countries.


Write your Majik Business Plan

Create your winning business plan, so you have a path to follow with confidence & enthusiasm.

Create Awesome Partnerships

Learn how we got off social media by focusing our marketing efforts on building awesome partnerships.

Our Proven Launch Plan Template-ized

Use our Step-by-Step Process & Launch Templates for your next course, membership or high-end program launch!

Produce your Magical Video Trailer

Learn to create a captivating trailer that promotes the benefits of your paid membership or course.
"I am blown away by the rich & detailed content that is offered so passionately & creatively at Majik Media. I feel fully supported every step of the way, allowing me to do my very best work."
Christy Greenwood
Majik Member


Get step-by-step guidance with our coaching, courses, classes & community. 


Our work will activate your creative potential and teach you new ways of doing things.


We show you exactly what we are learning, trying and applying to our business. 

"I've never been more excited about creating an online course. It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Everything about Majik Media is fun and engaging. Their coaching is invaluable."
Tree Franklin
Majik Member

Choose your plan

All plans come with a 7 day free trial. You will not be charged until after the first week. Cancel anytime.


$ 99
  • Course Library
  • Private Community
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Session


$ 799
  • Course Library
  • Private Community
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Session
Save $400

Choose your lifetime plan!

All plans are lifetime pay once and you’re in for the life of the Majik Media Community. 

Monthly Plans return Feb 1st 2021


3 payments of
$ 333
  • Course Library
  • Private Community
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Session
  • Bonus: Live Launch Workshop


1 payment of
$ 999
  • Course Library
  • Private Community
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Session
  • Bonus: Live Launch Workshop