How to License your Courses & Content to Apps, Companies & Institutions

Online Licensing

In 2012, I launched two different meditation courses as a way to retire myself from teaching 200+ meditation workshops per year. Those courses spread far and wide (something like 50-60+ countries) and I have been receiving ongoing passive income on them since the first day my first course went live… Around 2014, I started seeking […]

The Ultimate Smartphone Production Kit. Everything You Need to Produce Like a Pro.

Smartphone Production Gear

I won’t lie, a year ago, I never would’ve recommended people go out and produce professional content with their phones… especially content that you were planning to charge money for. But all of that has changed. I have seen a new light… A month ago, I bought the new iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb. The […]

Our Freemium Business Model Didn’t Work. We’re Going Back to a Paid Membership April 1st.

Why Premium Works

In November 2019, we decided to take a big risk and announce a 6-month experiment, where we would essentially give away ALL of our premium courses for free. (Courses that took us 5-years to build). It was an idea I had for quite a while and so I wanted to try it out to see […]