3 Ways to Find Strategic Sponsorships

Did you know that you can make money on your products, workshops, retreats or services from aligned SPONSORSHIPS?! This video shows three different types of sponsorship packages we’re putting together for three completely different projects. Hopefully it gives you some clever ideas! Want to be coached on your business, then check out our Creators Club […]

Leverage your Coaching Sessions into Podcasts & YouTube Content

In this mini episode I talk about how many of our Majik Media partners and I are using the moments of brilliance from coaching sessions for the purpose of short Podcast & YouTube episodes. This little trick will save you tons of time and add tons of value to your audience — wherever they are […]

Why You NEED To Carve Out Thinking Time

Making Majik Podcast · Why You NEED To Carve Out Thinking Time In today’s coaching sermon, I dig into the necessity of carving out “Thinking Time” for yourself. Thinking time is different than doing time and in this video/audio I go into why it’s a critical thing for every creator, CEO and human to do! […]