Are you a Creator or a Consumer? You can only be one…

You are either a CREATOR or you are a CONSUMER…
You are either exploring, expressing and improving your creative gifts…
OR you are consuming the creative gifts of others.

You are either investing your time into creating and making Majik…
Or you are investing your time into consuming other people’s creations.

I will give you some unsolisticed advice – from my heart, to yours’.

Creating is 1000% more satisfying for the soul.

Be a Creator, not a Consumer! If you’re a parent, raise creators, not consumers.

Now, onto this week’s inspiring conversation!

Join Mike Brennan and I for an inspiring conversation that digs into:

  • Creativity to transform your life and heal from depression, stress & overwhelm
  • The importance of the ABC’s of creating and scheduling your success
  • How a daily creative practice can completely change your life trajectory
  • Overcoming resistance to being creative
  • and much much more.

There were a lot of beautiful gems in this, which may interrupt your existing thoughts, ideas, beliefs and patterns around your own creativity and life’s work.