Marketing For Hippies $120K Membership Launch – Case Study

Majik Media just finished launching the membership site for Tad Hargrave, founder of (inside Mighty Networks). Tad had 156 founding members join his membership in a 33 day pre-launch window, generating approximately $120,000 in revenue. In this two-way interview, we both share the successes, challenges, mistakes and lessons learned during Tad’s launch. We also […]

Social Media is Bull Sh!T – Stop Wasting your Time & Talent

What I am about to say is controversial in the online business-building world. Many internet gurus will tell you that social media is essential… That you need to hustle and grind away… That you need to always be creating content… That you need to hire someone to manage your social accounts… That you need to spend money […]

How to Build a Mini-Course Library as a Coach or Transformation Facilitator (workshop recording)

Leverage Your Life's Work

For the last few months, we have been working with Allegra Stein to build her a beautiful Mighty Network membership for her community of coaches.  In celebration of her “Launch Month”, she has invited me to come teach her new & potential members a workshop on turning their coaching “best practices” into a course library. […]

Produce your Majik Trailer (Mini Course & GSD Cash Game)

Produce Your Majik Trailer - GSD Cash Game Challenge

Watch the trailer! (This simple, short trailer took less than 1-day to write, storyboard, produce & edit) Have you produced a trailer you’re proud to share, that really sells all the benefits for your online course or membership site in a compelling and exciting way? Wouldn’t it be lovely if in 5-weeks you could write, […]

How to Build a Profitable Business Around your Biggest Passions with Sean Ogle (

Sean Ogle on how to be profitable in your biggest passion

Sean Ogle from grew up always doing the right & easy thing. The thing he was “supposed to do” or “should do.” For the last 11 years, he has traveled all over the world checking things off his bucket list, while teaching solo entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses around their biggest passions. Listen to […]

7x Mighty Network Business Models & Pricing Strategies

Business Model and Community Growth Strategies

We are currently building a Mighty Network membership for Tad Hargrave from Tad has been touring the world for the last 10-15 years teaching heart-centred, conscious-minded business owners how to market and sell their products or services in a way that feels good (and works). He has also written about 16 eBooks, a few […]

You Can’t Buy a Reputation with Facebook Ads – Play the Long Game

Most of what we’re taught in the online marketing and course creation space is about how to have a big, successful launch… Or how to make six figures straight out of the gate, so you can quit your 9-5 job and make money while you sleep… What’s missing though is talk about how to play […]

Create Awesome Partnerships: The Art of Getting People to Spread your Work Far & Wide

Create Awesome Partnerships

Far more effective for growing your business & audience than paid advertising on social media is the power of partnerships. The video/audio and presentation is from our June 10th community Majik Mind. It applies to 100% of the people in our Majik Media Membership, which means it applies to you. I hope it helps you […]

Mighty Networks vs. Facebook: The Ultimate Showdown

Gina Bianchini vs Mark Zuckerberg

I left Facebook about three years ago on my holy grail search for the ultimate social media platform… I had enough of missing the present moment because I was too busy thinking about my next “brilliant” Facebook post or meme. I was disgusted by Facebook’s privacy ethics and didn’t want them spying on me or […]

An Unconventional, Proven Path For Spreading Your Work Globally

I spread my online meditations to more than 70 countries by teaching more than 500 workshops in my local city. We did a $300,000 membership launch with a client/partner this January, who I met at my local dog park a couple years ago. The first video I ever put on Youtube, which led to speaking […]