Create Awesome Partnerships: The Art of Getting People to Spread your Work Far & Wide

Create Awesome Partnerships

Far more effective for growing your business & audience than paid advertising on social media is the power of partnerships.

The video/audio and presentation is from our June 10th community Majik Mind. It applies to 100% of the people in our Majik Media Membership, which means it applies to you.

I hope it helps you gain more focus with your marketing strategy!

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The frame of mind your potential partners will be in when receiving your cold email to partner up and how to engage them in a conversation.
  • Four different kinds of partnerships that can help you grow your business, influence and income.
  • An email template that we used this week for a partnership outreach email and a repeatable formula you can apply to your cold emails.
  • How often to follow up after sending your partnership request emails.
  • To create your “Hub Marketing Spreadsheet” to keep track of partnerships and conversations.
  • How to get critical feedback and build your confidence in the early days by enrolling a small group of beta testers.
  • How to get introductions to influencers so those influencers actually pay attention.
  • About the “game of numbers” we’re all playing when looking for our perfect partnerships… and how to set realistic expectations.

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What is your partnership strategy? Who will you reach out to and what will you ask them for? Share your game plan inside the Majik Media Membership!