Feel Awkward Marketing in a COVID-19 World? Rachael Kay Albers on the Making Majik Podcast

Rachael Kay Albers

Welcome to our first episode of the Making Majik Podcast since our reboot.

Damn, it felt great to get back in the host seat and share some time with our special guest, Rachael Kay Albers from AwkwardMarketing.TV and RKAink.com

The show is funny, awkward and full of useful pointers to help you navigate this rapidly changing world…

If you’re freaking out about how to tactfully sell your products or services these days without turning people off, definitely listen to this episode.

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Topics touched upon include:

  • Getting over your awkwardness about marketing… or better yet, learning to embrace it!
  • The creative process, batching content and reaching more people with a cross platform social media strategy.
  • The importance of staying visible during our global pandemic. Don’t fade away! You still matter.
  • How to market in a good way with COVID-19 spreading around the world so that you don’t turn people off.
  • What not to do during the COVID-19 pandemic when marketing.
  • Creating connection through comedy, humour and lightness.
  • Our intention to create a village-like membership at Majik Media, rather than the “bigger is better” mentality.

About Rachael Kay Albers:

Rachael Kay Albers is a digital strategist and business comedian. As the founder and creative director of RKA ink, a branding, web design, and digital marketing studio based outside Chicago, Rachael helps thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs all over the world stand out online without selling their soul or playing the manipulation game. When not crafting epic, unforgettable brands for her clients, Rachael hosts Awkward Marketing, a business comedy show blending fun-sized business advice with storytelling and sketch comedy. Think of her as the one-woman SNL of biz TV.

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