MASTERCLASS with Bradley T. Morris

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t need to log on to social media ever again?

Do you believe there might be more effective, fulfilling, values-aligned ways to grow your business and impact in the world — that don’t require you to have to throw your best creative work & time into the endless blackhole known as, “The Wall?”


In this 60-Minute Masterclass + Q & A, BRADLEY T. MORRIS (founder of Majik Media & Majik Kids) will talk about:

  • Why he left social media 6 years ago & the reality he faced when leaving.
  • How his life, business & brain cells have improved astronomically as a result of leaving social media.
  • TEN alternative marketing strategies he has applied (and you can too) to consistently grow his business year-after-year, without needing social media.


This will be the most real, raw, empowering and inspiring Marketing workshop you’ve been to this year— possibly ever.

Sign up today, because you don’t need to be giving these big tech companies your private information, best content and advertising dollars in order to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Trust me, I know from experience!

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Your Coach

Bradley T. Morris

Creative Director, Executive Producer, Coach & Author

Bradley has had a long and winding entrepreneurial journey. In the last 17 years, he has produced viral videos, toured as a speaker, led adventure retreats around the world, taught 500+ meditation workshops, shared his online meditations with millions of people, taught hundreds of teachers to teach better online, launched dozens of courses & communities – collectively generating millions of dollars in revenue and has written & produced hundreds of entertainment-based educational videos and audio experiences. He is a multimedia artist, writer, educator, entertainer and entrepreneur through-and-through. Bradley is incredibly passionate about supporting other ambitious creators & leaders to leverage their life’s work and bring their best work forward into the world – this is where he shows up inside the Creators Club, as well as Majik Media’s strategic partnership projects.