The Biggest Booby Trap on the Internet

In today’s Making Majik Podcast, my guest Chela Davison and I have a deep & philosophical discussion about the internet’s biggest booby trap.

Perhaps this is a trap you’re currently stuck inside of or trying to escape, but from the view you currently have, you see no way out.

The booby trap I’m referring to of course is Social Media.

In this discussion we talk about:

  • Chela’s and my journey of leaving social media
  • Accessing more depth, connection & creativity
  • Where we feel social media is bad for business & the world
  • Alternative ideas for life and business outside of social media
  • Overcoming the fear of leaving
  • What lies beyond social
  • and so much more…

There were a few mic drop moments worth listening to or watching, so please grab your favourite drink or go for a walk and swallow this delicious cup of truth bomb.

We hope this inspires you to make some positive changes and gain a new perspective on how you could potentially be living & serving your audience.

Happy creating!

Bradley T. Morris


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  3. Learn more about Chela’s soul work here.