Build your Dream Team to Make Majik in the World

If you have a vision of building your dream team and growing a company that has a global impact, then this interview on Green Planet, Blue Planet will give you shivers down your spine. 

I never realized what it would take to grow a company with a team of two dozen people, but in the last six months our newest branch of Majik Media – has done just that. 

In this 30-minute interview, we talk about:

  • What inspired the pivot to build Majik Kids.
  • A behind the scenes look at our creative process.
  • Why more parents need to focus their skills on kids work.
  • Our vision for where we are taking this new production/publishing company.
  • The idea behind Fair Trade Publishing.
  • The insane journey of launching our first dozen stories (in less than 6-months).

I guarantee this conversation will inspire the entrepreneurial spirit within you!