This 6-month Training Program was recorded in partnership with the Radiance Sutras School of Meditation for 40 of their teachers in Spring of 2023 and is now available inside the Majik Mind membership.

By the end of your six months, you will have your meditation teacher website, the beginning of an audio library and a regular teaching schedule (that pays you money).

You will have a clear plan to grow your audience and income over time through your meditation teaching services.

The Essential Themes

Each month will cover an essential theme to build out your suite of offerings as a meditation teacher (both online and in person).


Create a beautiful website and online presence that reflects you & your values.


Start teaching regular classes and begin producing a high quality audio library.


Discover fun ways to grown audience and community around your teachings.

Teach Inspire Earn

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"Bradley is an amazing human being. Great sense of humor, very reliable, organized, easy-going, and ethical. Here is a person who knows how to inspire and support, all in an optimistic and light-hearted way!"
Mayya Shveygert
Radiance Sutras School of Meditation Faculty

You Were Born to Teach

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting any new business. There are a million things to do.

Instead of spinning your wheels in procrastination and overwhelm, focus on the leverage points and action steps that will get you the furthest — fastest, in the most fulfilling way.

Let’s get you teaching & earning ASAP!

Focus Where It Counts

We are going to take all of the guesswork out of your journey of building your meditation business. 

Instead, we will help you create a consistent teaching schedule, build a high quality meditation library and design a digital brand & website that feels good so you can start earning income immediately as a meditation teacher.

The quickest way to start changing lives.

“Let’s take this course together and learn from a joyous and skilled business man. In today’s world the demand for meditation is ever increasing. Tremendous creativity is called for to communicate the message of meditation to all types of people and your particular voice is needed. This course will help you find your voice, and have it heard.”
Lorin Roche
FOUNDER, Radiance Sutras School of Meditation

The 6-Month Curriculum

There are six 2-hour sessions, meant to be spaced a month apart, where we dig into the next stage of building your meditation teaching business. The sessions are educational, informative and an opportunity to get a lot of work done. In the 30 days between sessions, you will be given specific tasks to complete. You should expect to do 3-10 hours of work per week between sessions – depending on your levels of ambition & desire.

We provide you with templates to make your job as fun & easy as filling in the blanks and adding your creative flair. By the end of 6 months you will be well on your way to making a creative living as a full-time meditation teacher, with a clear path and plan to follow in the years to come. Hooray!

Month 1: Build a Solid Foundation First 

  • Schedule your success ~ Consistency is the key when building your business. In this 1st session you will be creating a “starting schedule” and “dream schedule” that you grow into over the next year.

  • Online vs. In Person ~ Which is better in the beginning? We will explore the importance of doing both and deciding on where you want to focus the time you have available in the beginning.

  • Business model discovery ~ Understanding what makes you and your style unique, as well as the method in which you want to deliver your meditations is important. We will get clear on that so you can choose a business model you’re excited about.

MONTH 2: Building your Brand & Website 

  • Who are you and what do you do ~ Go through the “Inspired Brand Bootcamp” where you clarify and own your uniqueness. This process will help you flesh out the words, vibe, tone and messaging you have — which will be translated into your beautiful online presence.

  • Build your website ~ After going through the bootcamp, you will have 30 days to use our Majik website builder template (or your own website builder if you prefer) to get your website & teaching schedule launched to your community and the world.

  • Pages included on your beautiful website will be ~ A home page, teaching schedule page, about page, blog/vlog & audio library page.

MONTH 3: Producing your Audio Meditations

  • Why audio is the best ~ Learn why you need audio if you want to help countless people transform their own lives through your teachings.
  • Dream into your future meditation library ~ You will plan &  write your first 5 audio meditation scripts.
  • Get our go-to gear lists ~ Get our gear recommendations to set up your own home recording studio set-up, so you can get into the habit of producing new meditation tracks every week.
  • Upload your first meditation tracks to your beautiful new website and begin selling them individually, as a bundle OR a subscription.

MONTH 4: Grow your Audience & Income

  • Grow your audience ~ Learn creative, relationship-based ways to grow your meditation audience and clientele (with and without the need for social media).

  • License your audio tracks ~ Learn to license your audio meditations to the countless meditation and wellness apps out there to generate ongoing passive income. You will be provided with a list of apps to start submitting your meditations to immediately.

  • Build awesome partnerships ~ Learn how to leverage relationships and create mutually beneficial partnerships with studios, influencers, apps, blogs, magazines and more…

MONTH 5: Purpose, Resistance, the Creative Process, Licensing, Keeping it fresh and more...

We showed up without much of a plan in session 5 and a beautiful and powerful conversation unfolded from the unknown. A big thanks goes out to Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine for their guest appearances and stories as well as to all of the teachers who showed up, asked questions, and participated in a beautiful conversation. We covered topics like:

  • Resistance as a healthy part of the creative process.
  • How your big WHY will help you overcome that resistance.
  • How to keep your meditations fresh and inspiring (to you & your audience).
  • Non-Exclusive vs. Exclusive licensing deals.
  • And – I opened with ten pieces of advice I’d offer my early entrepreneur self.
  • And much more…

MONTH 6: Ten Year Vision, Tech, Marketing, and What's Next?

Welcome to our final session in the six month quest to building your meditation business. In this session, we:

  • Did a visioning meditation, that supported you to get a higher look at the next 10 years of your life and where you intend this path to take you…
  • Answered questions about tech, marketing, selling & more…
  • Got really really inspired about the journey (not the destination)…
"Bradley’s insight and knowledge have bumped up my company’s performance and bottom line considerably. I have nothing but praise for this transformation that I could not have done without Majik Media. New workflows, improved video production and marketing strategies have moved me and my company into a whole new level of professional performance."
Tina Spalding
Majik Media Client & Partner

Bradley's Meditation 
Business Milestones

Bradley T. Morris

Bradley and his team at Majik Media helped the Radiance Sutras School of Meditation to consolidate Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine’s 100 year combined careers of teaching meditation and build the new community membership space in 2021. However, Bradley has had a long and winding entrepreneurial journey.

In the last 17 years, he has produced viral videos, toured North America as a speaker, led adventure retreats around the world, taught 500+ meditation workshops, shared his online meditations with millions of people, taught hundreds of teachers to teach better online, launched dozens of online courses and communities and has written and produced hundreds of entertainment-based educational videos, audios and online courses… and authored 7 kids books.

He also just launched his newest business, Majik Kids which is producing & publishing incredible audio stories, illustrated books, kids meditations & music to activate the imagination, courage and confidence in kids. He is a multimedia artist, writer, educator, entertainer and entrepreneur through-and-through.

In this “Meditation of Business Course” Bradley intends to share everything he has learned over the years about showing up, serving your community and generating increasing, ongoing revenue as a passionate meditation teacher.

Learn more about Bradley at: 


Start the journey of building a business you love.



Cancel anytime.

  • Recording gear ($500 – $2500 depending on your budget)
  • Website template & set-up support – if needed ($200 – $1000)
  • Creative design & marketing budget (up to $1000, but may not be needed)

Dear Teachers,

Never has there been a time in history where your passions, gifts, wisdom and knowledge could be more needed than right now.

Also – never in a time in history has there been greater opportunity to prosper from the simple act of spreading your gifts to others.

I got an early start in life on sharing my skills and experience with others and so I have 17 years of wisdom under my belt. I have created a lot in my career and I have also tried, failed and succeeded many times over. 

My hopes are that this course helps you to bypass the many mistakes I made so that you can get a leg-up in your teaching business and turn it into a profitable, fulfilling career far quicker than I was able to on my own.

I look forward to inspiring and showing you the way

Bradley T. Morris
Creative Director, Executive Producer, Author, Creator & Coach