Maximize Your Creative Output in 2024 with THREE Dynamic Tools and a Streamlined Content Strategy

In today's digital realm, exceptional content isn't just valuable—it's essential. To stand out, enhance your influence, or boost your revenue, you must master the art of content creation. Yet, the challenge often lies not in idea generation but in the execution. It's time for a transformative approach to making MAJIK on the internet and in your business!


Learn and master these THREE innovative tools that will redefine your creative process, empowering you to become the prolific creator you've always wanted to be.

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Discover what makes this workshop a game-changer for content creators, educators, and digital entrepreneurs like you.

Take Time for Tech Learning Time & You Will Learn Tech in No Time!

Revolutionary Trio: Dive into the capabilities of ChatGPT, Descript, and Canva, and discover how they can revolutionize your content creation process & creative output.

Workflow Transformation: Learn to effortlessly turn videos or podcasts into high-quality articles, amplifying your content's reach.

Engage & Connect: Increase newsletter frequency with ease, fostering deeper connections and driving engagement.

Bonus Insight: Master a quick method to craft compelling landing page copy, enhancing your workshops and training sessions.

From Concept to Creation!

Idea Generation: Spark creativity and bring your content ideas to life in real-time.

Video & Audio Mastery: Record and edit your content seamlessly, preparing it for transcription.

Transcription Transformation: Utilize Descript to convert your recordings into detailed transcripts, setting the stage for versatile content.

Content Conversion: Transform transcripts into captivating articles with ChatGPT, engaging your audience like never before.

Podcasting & YouTube Mastery: Convert audio to podcasts and learn quick tricks for effective descriptions and hashtags, enhancing discoverability.

Thumbnail Creation: Craft standout thumbnails with Canva, making your content irresistible.

Bonus: Get my podcasting course, so you can have your podcast up and running within hours!

Why You Can't Miss This Workshop

Step beyond traditional content creation limits and unlock a world of unmatched productivity and creativity. This workshop isn't just about efficiency; it's about creating with intention, passion, and innovation.

Become a Content Powerhouse: Harness the synergy of technology and creativity to amplify your content and your message.

Technology as Your Ally: The future favors those who leverage technology to enrich their creative expression. Master these tools to transform your content landscape.

Elevate Your Impact: Enhance your content, elevate your brand, and expand your influence. The more you create, the stronger your connections, the greater your success.

Transform Your Content Creation Today

Seize this chance to redefine your creative potential. Join us and make 2024 the year you dramatically increase your creative output and impact.

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This training took place on Thursday, February 29th, 2024

12:00pm - 2:00pm Pacific

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Accounts & Skills Needed to Attend Training

1. Free Account in Chat GPT

2. Trial Account in Descript

3. Paid Account in Canva

4. Video/Audio Editing Software & ability to do basic edits & exports. (iMovie, Filmora, CapCut, etc...)

Your Coach

Bradley T. Morris

Creative Director, Executive Producer, Coach & Author

Bradley has had a long and winding entrepreneurial journey. In the last 17 years, he has produced viral videos, toured as a speaker, led adventure retreats around the world, taught 500+ meditation workshops, shared his online meditations with millions of people, taught hundreds of teachers to teach better online, launched dozens of courses & communities – collectively generating millions of dollars in revenue and has written & produced hundreds of entertainment-based educational videos and audio experiences. He is a multimedia artist, writer, educator, entertainer and entrepreneur through-and-through. Bradley is incredibly passionate about supporting other ambitious creators & leaders to leverage their life’s work and bring their best work forward into the world – this is where he shows up inside the Creators Club, as well as Majik Media’s strategic partnership projects.

His latest creative endeavour, is a Canadian publishing and production company that is creating unique & inspiring audio stories, illustrated books & audio meditations that activate imagination, courage and confidence in kids… it provides all the fun of story time without the screen time.

Supported by over a decade of experience through his work at, Majik Kids aims to produce magical stories for magical kids.

“Stories have brought my son, Sauryn and I together in such deep and meaningful ways. We hope Majik Kids can do the same for other families and classrooms.”

Majik Kids is based on Salt Spring Island, BC. Their team has grown to nearly two dozen artists (mostly parents); including experienced writers, illustrators, designers, voice-over actors, musicians, producers, marketing magicians and publishing manager.

Together, they aim to bring custom soundscapes, immersive audio stories & beautifully illustrated books to their young audiences. Majik Kids is also a Fair Trade Publishing company; the first of its kind. Meaning, they value the artists they work with, paying them 2-3x more than traditional publishing. He loves turning ideas into creations that transform people’s lives.

Bradley’s passion-hobby is playing professional golf. He still aspires to semi-retire at the ripe age of 40 to give his lifelong dream of playing the Canadian Tour a shot. He also loves going on all sorts of adventures with his son (Sauryn), dog (Bonkers), wife (Celeste) and Tuesday night Manventures crew.

Bradley’s Super Powers:

  • Anything to do with strategy, mapping, planning, brainstorming and ideation.
  • Business and lifestyle design — without the need for using social media.
  • Creative solution-finding and navigating BIG growth.
  • Creating awesome partnerships, relationship building, launching & marketing.
  • Mighty Networks – business/membership model and content design.
  • Finding your authentic voice in the digital world & expressing the shit out of it.
  • Bradley is a idea-generator and brings a flury of energy and inspiration to whatever brainstorming session he joins.
  • Be activated, inspired and motivated to get shit done while having fun.