Thriving in the Creators’ Economy During the Pandemic with Corbett Barr (

Corbett has been self-employed on the Internet since 2005, earning a living from blogging, podcasting, online courses, memberships, SaaS and more. He has bootstrapped, freelanced, consulted and raised venture capital.

You may have seen or heard of Corbett through various sources, such as; Fizzle or The Fizzle Show. Or maybe from Palapa or Lifestyle Business Weekly, or Think Traffic, or Expert Enough or even way back before all that.

Corbett’s membership site, has served over 30,000 creators over the years.

In this fun conversation, Corbett and I talk about:

  • How Corbett sees the creators’ economy transforming since the beginning of COVID.
  • Systemize & Templatize your repeatable processes so you free up your time and mind.
  • The joys of walking away from Social Media and how Corbett fills that space.
  • Beta testing your offerings on real life people, in-person before digitizing it.
  • Why offering a service over a product is a good way to start for beginners.
  • The difference between acting like an artist and acting like an entrepreneur.
  • Why Corbett built his own online community platform builder (Palapa) and why it’s awesome.
  • What Corbett is focused on NOW after he did his massive internet purge last year. (details on that here).
  • Tech and tools Corbett and I have been using, loving and can’t live without.
  • Advice for folks who are looking for their first profitable win.
  • And a whole lot more.

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