Creating Binge-Worthy Content (Interview with Danny Iny)

This was an exceptional interview with Danny Iny from 

Bradley Morris is the founder and CEO of Majik Media, a company that helps course creators and coaches produce highly engaging content. Since 2007, when his first-ever video went viral, he has been studying how and why people consume information as well as what keeps them engaged and eager for more.

In this episode, Danny, Abe and Bradley reach deep into Bradley’s three-pillar process of adding entertainment and accountability to teaching and course-building. Even if you are not a naturally creative person, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to bolster the binge worthiness of your content.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The three pillars of building an engaging course.
  • What is theme-ification and should you consider using it?
  • Bringing in back-up when you need creative help.
  • Ways to think outside the box with video and/or audio.
  • Creating accountability by establishing a community.
  • How having fun while building your course can translate through the content.
  • Setting up your business model to avoid burnout.
  • Danny and Abe’s insightful debrief.

I hope you enjoy this enjoyable conversation. May it inspire greatness in your work!