Do your Joy. Build Better Products and More Profits

I was chatting with someone the other day who said she hates doing social media and wishes she could find someone who would take it off her hands.

So I said to her:

Stop wishing and be proactive.
Post a job listing IMMEDIATELY!
No excuses. Trust me.

There are a lot of people whose JOY is being on social media.
Find one of them and then pivot to YOU doing your JOY.

It’s that easy.

Freeing yourself up to do your joy will actually build better products and a more profitable business that people love. Guaranteed.

It’s how you make magical shit happen in the world. Duh!

Why do you have to overcomplicate things and feel like you have to be the “All-In-One Entrepreneur?” Who planted that silly idea in your head?

It’s ridiculous.

No successful entrepreneur tries to do all the things on their own — and every successful entrepreneur knows to find people better than you at the things you don’t enjoy, so you can do the things you’re best at and bring you the most joy!

If you’re creatively inspired and everyone on your team is creatively inspired, then magical shit will happen! You just have to take that leap of faith and find the perfect person who believes in you, your vision and what your company stands for.

And guess what, they exist. But you’ll never find them if you keep banging your head against the wall doing the jobs, roles & tasks you despise. You are wasting so much creative life-force, time and potential continuing on that path!

So stop being such a party pooper and find your dream team today.

Don’t the money to hire? Give them a percentage of sales.
Don’t know where to start? Write your job description. Post it everywhere.

There. I hope that advice helps.

Let me know what you takeaway from this intervention.