Embracing Your Journey as an Entrepreneur: 10 Life-Changing Pieces of Advice

Last Thursday, I was teaching a workshop to 40 meditation teachers who are embarking on the journey of growing their businesses. My intention was to offer them the most inspirational and practical advice I could because I vividly recall the overwhelming feeling I experienced when beginning my entrepreneurial journey 18 years ago, with countless possibilities and tasks vying for my attention, leaving me scattered and yearning for better results.

Today, I want to share these powerful insights with both my past self and with all of you in the present, empowering each one of us on our entrepreneurial paths.

Let’s dive into these transformative words of wisdom together!

Watch or listen up above if you prefer…



Schedule your success. Make sure you have LIVE classes, courses or workshops that you are offering every single week (except when on vacation). It’s how you build trust. It’s how you build community. It’s how you build consistent revenue over a long period of time. Commit to doing this as a longterm career strategy and then create the opportunities for you to show up and teach.


Resistance is a part of the creative process, making you stronger with each triumph over it. The more times you conquer your resistance, the smaller it gets. What may seem like a monster today, will become a pesky mosquito down the road if you commit to continual progress and growth on your path. If you’re why is bigger than your why not, then you’ll always come up with a reason to say yes and continue on. So remember your big, important why (which needs to be bigger than just making money). Resistance is normal – so get used to it, conquer it, and soar to heights you never thought possible! Boom!


Stop worrying about building the perfect website and online image. It’ll come in time. What you have more control over is embodying the essence of what you wish to project into the world. Your best marketing is to embody the teachings you’re here to share and to live them in your life daily. If you embody the results that you tell clients they’ll get, then there will be no selling involved.


Stop trying to impress everyone. Take a stand for what you believe in. Have an opinion about the things that matter to you. It’s okay to disagree with the status quo and for others to disagree with you… it’s how we learn and evolve as a species. So don’t let the fear of being controversial stop you from sharing your voice. Everyone doesn’t need to love you and it’s okay to have an opinion.


Your email list is your most direct connection with the people who care about what you have to say. Email them something worth reading, watching or listening to every week. Tell them stories about your journey, share with them insights you’ve gained, talk about the challenges and triumphs. Be vulnerable, be honest, have an opinion about things that matter (to you and them).

Your newsletter will become the heartbeat of all you think, say and do on the internet.


If meditation is what you want to teach, then guided audios are going to be your best friend. There are so many ways you can leverage audio assets. You can sell them individually, bundle them as a package, license them to apps, turn them into audio courses, use them as tools for your clients or give them away as bonuses for signing up for future events you offer. Set up a simple, professional recording space where you can get inspired and press record regularly!


It is so important in our modern, digital age to build a local community around your passions. Even if it means gathering with a handful of people once per week for a meditation practice, potluck, etc… Your local village will be the ones who support you during hard times or when shit hits the fan in the world — not your Facebook community! Become the centre of a hub and invite everyone you meet to join the vibe you’re all co-creating.


Stop telling yourself you’re not good with tech, can’t shoot and edit videos and that you have nothing important to share with the world. That’s not true. You do have important things to say and stories to tell… and guess what? Anyone can do it…. it might take you a few years to get really good at making magical media… but that’s okay because it’s about the journey not the destination. Whatever platforms you enjoy being on, learn to become an artist of that craft (audio, video, music, writing, inspiring, etc.). Let your offerings be works of art that people love & appreciate. It may take time to embody that essence, but let that be your intention starting today!


If you’re always creating, then you’re always improving. If you’re always improving then your work keeps getting better. If your work keeps getting better, then over time people will be magnetically drawn to you because of your professionalism, consistency and track record of always contributing value and improving yourself & your offerings. That, and creating is fun. It’s why we’re here. Stop seeking perfection and instead, be like a child: get messy, learn, play & create!


Your purpose is clear: to be a teacher and an inspiration to others. Embrace this role wholeheartedly, as it empowers you to create a positive impact in people’s lives. Your daily focus should be on imparting knowledge, coaching, and creating content that serves as a creative outlet for your passion. Instead of constantly chasing clients and money, shift your mindset to seeking opportunities to teach, inspire, and add value to the world. By prioritizing this mission, success and financial rewards will naturally follow suit. Remember, teaching and inspiring others is the key that unlocks a fulfilling and prosperous journey.


You honestly don’t need to spend another minute on social media. You can build your beautiful brand and business without it (proof is here).

In your 60-Minute Workshop, the goal is to:

  • Tell your story
  • Share your philosophy
  • Facilitate your audiences’ first experience & breakthrough with you
  • Invite these new students on a journey of learning

Tour this workshop on as many virtual stages as you possibly can and build your audience through live events — not by depending on the social media algorithm.

Imagine how much you could impact people’s lives if you were teaching a masterclass 2-4 times per month around the topic you are most passionate about.

Join my “Craft your Signature Workshop” training this September and let’s get started!

What is your top takeaway that you will begin applying today?