Escape the Social Media Matrix: Your Clear Path to Prosperity Unveiled

Ninety-nine percent of the creators I’ve engaged in a heart-to-heart, “Are you yearning to break free from the social media circus?” conversation responded with an emphatic “Yes, please!” Or, let’s be real, an absolutely resounding “HELL YES!” It’s like we’re all nodding our heads in harmony, united by the collective exhaustion of scrolling, posting, and hoping for a miracle.

But here’s the kicker – despite this unanimous cry for liberation, only a fraction of these passionate souls actually take the leap to ditch social media. Fear, uncertainty, or maybe just a tad too much cat video allure seems to pull them back… I get it. As I share in my “Business without Social Media” masterclass – leaving social media was a terrifying leap of faith into the unknown that I took 7 years ago!

Well, my fellow creator, today is your day. I’m here to hand you the golden ticket to reclaim your sanity, your time, and your creative space. The escape plan from the digital labyrinth, my friends, is laid bare before you. And let me tell you, I’ve highlighted each step with the brightest neon marker in the toolkit of clarity.

This isn’t some vague promise of liberation;
this is your roadmap to being a bona fide social media refugee.

Picture this: by the time 2023 wraps up its story, you could very well be nurturing your business and watching it thrive, far, far away from the echoing void of tweets and selfies. Yes, this very plan could be your genie in a bottle, granting you three wishes: growth, freedom, and a clear path to prosperity.

Let’s cut to the chase – in September, I’ve got your back, ready to walk you through every meticulous step of this grand emancipation planBut if you’re inclined to be a self-motivated firestarter, then let me lay out the treasure map for you right here, right now!!


STEP 1: Forge an Epically Transformative 60-Minute Signature Workshop:

This workshop is no ordinary spiel; it’s the gateway to your world, your thoughts, and your transformative majik. Imagine dazzling your audience, guiding them through a mind-bending journey that leaves them hungry for more. This, my friends, is your live performance – a stage show that can traverse physical and digital realms alike. It is a new audiences’ first introduction to your story, unique philosophy and breakthrough transformation with you. At the climax, you don’t just drop a mic; you extend an invitation to journey deeper with you – a 30-day challenge, an exclusive community, coaching, or your flagship offer. You decide where to go next…

Believe it or not, after delivering my Signature Workshop nine times in 2023, my email list saw a growth spurt of over 3000 subscribers. When did social media ever offer such gifts without guzzling a fortune?

STEP 2: Script an Irresistible Pitch Email for the Signature Workshop Tour:

Just like you’d pitch a podcast to feature your dazzling self, you’re now pitching your Signature Workshop to fellow creators in your space. They’re chasing the golden goose of value for their flock, and you’re about to bestow it upon them… meaning, they want to provide value so their audience sticks around & you’re there to provide that value! So, flex those email muscles, reach out to your network and industry comrades, and present them with a chance to shower their audience with your majik. What you’re looking to do is offer your Signature Workshop on their stage, to their audience… and then, rinse and repeat on as many stages as you can possibly get on (virtual or in person). Trust me, it’s a win-win-win tango many will happily say yes to!

STEP 3: When They Say “Heck Yes!”:

You’ve got their nod of approval, but why stop there? Pitch a podcast appearance before your grand workshop delivery. This little prelude lets their audience feel your vibes, get acquainted with your brilliance, and, inevitably, it nudges more curious minds toward your free Signature Workshop.

STEP 4: Make Promoting You a Piece of Cake:

Imagine being so organized that even a squirrel on caffeine could promote your Signature Workshop. Create a treasure trove of promo emails, social media scripts, banner images (let’s not forget variety), and sprinkle in a few nuggets of wisdom through compelling articles and videos. You’re building trust, handing out gold, and casually nudging your hosts to share the bounty with their audience. These newfound audience members will quickly receive these value bombs (aka trust you) and delightedly join your Signature Workshop experience.

STEP 5: Podcast > Signature Workshop > Your Flagship Offering:

You may not get to be on a podcast every time you offer a Signature Workshop, but for the times you do, here is the sequence of events that you will engineer to unfold.

  • You go on their podcast, which promotes the Signature Workshop (2-weeks later)
  • They send out 1-3 pre-written emails promoting your free Signature Workshop
  • You teach the Signature Workshop LIVE. You sell your offering at the end.
  • They promote the Signature Workshop Recording + link to your paid offering.
  • They send a solo email promoting your paid offering (optional as an affiliate).

It is honestly this easy and straight forward.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the virtual room – those creators who seem stuck in the social media quicksand:

  1. The scroll-and-lose track of time experts.
  2. The “post and pray” devotees.
  3. The inconsistency aficionados who low-key despise it all.
  4. The “boost post and hope for miracles” believers.

Are you any of these elephants? It’s okay, 99% of the people reading this probably are too…

So hold onto your hat, because here’s a mind-blowing reality that could be yours’:

  • Invest a measly 2-4 hours a month reaching out for your Signature Workshop.
  • Glide into delivering 1-2 Signature Workshops per week (once you’re in the groove).
  • Witness your email list bloom, your reputation ascend, and your revenue skyrocket.
  • And the mic drop moment – no social media required.

Hold onto your seats, because here’s the grand finale! I am leading the ultimate Signature Workshop Bootcamp – beginning on September 14thwhich will equip you with every tool, trick, and ounce of audacity you need to craft, launch, and tour your Signature Workshop like an artistic maestro. This will be a wonderfully inspiring, creative, uplifting and communal experience for all who attend.

So, if these words are your anthem, then consider this your official invite to join the parade of trailblazers who’ve had enough of the digital hamster wheel. Your escape chariot awaits!


Happy creating!