Escape the Social Media Trap: 10 Practical Alternatives for Success

A little while ago, I was interviewed by my friend and one of our Majik Media partners, Chela Davison.

Chela is a hilarious, talented, powerful mama, woman, wife and coach. We’ve been collaborating for over a year and I absolutely love and respect who she is, how she shows up in the world and the work she does.

She also left social media a few years ago, just like me…

In fact, that’s how the two of us connected. She saw my “Business Without Social Media” masterclass, reached out and we hit it off right away. We’re both small island, village builder folk who love nature and dislike social.

Below is Chela’s summary of the interview, what’s covered, and if you’re intrigued, have a watch/listen!

Today’s interview with Bradley Morris (in the Words of Chela Davison):

I first discovered Bradley after I’d announced I was leaving social media over two years ago. The incredible Lael Couper Jepson (who shares the BEST resources) sent me an interview of him talking about his own experience leaving social media and what he’s up to in his business.

One of the things Bradley does is partner with practitioners to leverage their life’s work. I was intrigued, reached out, stayed connected for over a year and then last summer, we started working together. I’ve been working with Bradley and his team to restructure my business model and leverage so much of the work I’ve designed over the past decade, with my vision for where I want to take my career at the helm. His integrity is SOLID, his heart is open, he’s fun and funny and pursues win/win/win paths even when he’s under pressure which is actually pretty rare. He’s also a west coast island dweller, a parent of a super cool kid and husband to a very rad woman who made me a hand-made leather garden tool belt that is so effing sexy.

Bradley has an offering starting in September all about creating a signature workshop as part of your marketing efforts, a brilliant strategy when you’re running your biz OFF social. I will be there. You can check it out here.

For this episode, I asked Brad if he could compress his own signature workshop into a pod episode. He does it! Join us for this rapid-fire conversation packed with practical ways to share and shine your brilliance in the world without being the algorithm’s little female dog.

In this episode, Bradley shares his decision to leave social media, highlighting the negative impact of algorithms, the divisive nature of the platforms, and a scary realization that compelled him to make a permanent exit.

Listen in while we jam on…

  • Bradley feeling erased when leaving social and the initiative he took to build new communities and relationships in the real world.
  • The ways in which leaving social media has shifted both our lives, businesses and creative works.
  • Practical alternatives for marketing and growing a business without social media, including cherishing and nurturing your email list and developing a signature workshop.
  • The high conversion rate of a signature workshop that involves a transformation.
  • The strategy of guest appearances, such as appearing on podcasts or guest blogging, as a way to drive traffic to one’s website and gain exposure.
  • Bradley shares his experience with licensing and how he has generated passive income by licensing his meditation tracks to different apps. He highlights the potential for licensing in various fields, such as wellness, coaching, or specialized courses.
  • The underlying philosophy in Bradley’s work, which is about leveraging one’s life’s work in a skillful and targeted manner, without relying on constant hustle or scaling efforts.
  • Bradley expands on the idea of leveraging one’s work and relationships. He discusses the importance of leveraging relationships with other companies, creators, and communities to reach new audiences and expand one’s impact.
  • The power of collaborations as an alternative to hiring a production team.
  • Affiliate marketing, YouTube, Substack and good ol’ fashioned PR as alternatives to endless social media posting. So. Much. Goodness.
  • Weighing the costs and ROI of using social media as your marketing engine. We talk cold hard numbers and the emotional tolls.
  • Bradley reflects on his journey as an entrepreneur and his current stage of maturing in leadership.

And really, so much more.

Listen to this podcast episode now!