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You’ve gone as far as you can on your own and you’re now ready to scale. At Majik Media, we partner with you to scale your life’s work by building professional, exciting courses, communities, memberships and media.


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In our modern digital landscape, you need to be creative, strategic and professional in order to stand out, change lives and spread your message. At Majik Media, we use art, entertainment, social connection, gamification & professional media as a vehicle to teach, transform and inspire audiences.

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Our Majik Membership

Our all-inclusive membership gets you ALL of our premium courses, bi-weekly coaching masterminds, our inspiring community of creators and more (learn more).

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Coaching & Consulting

We’ve been succeeding in the online game for 10+ years. Utilize our team’s creativity, wisdom & experience with our coaching, consulting and mastermind services.


Done-With-You Services

We can do it all on the journey from idea-to-launch. From strategy to curriculum & theme design, writing, producing, editing, building your Mighty Network and launching.

The Future of Education is Here

6 Billion humans will soon have access to the internet. The future of education is online. Not in a traditional, institutionalized way though. The future of online education belongs to the independent educators, passionate teachers, leaders and purpose-driven creators of our world. Free your majik!


We believe there are THREE key pillars for engaging your audience long enough to teach them new skills or transform their lives on the internet.


Have a message people care about and a step-by-step process that gets your students the results they signed up for.


Produce professional media and create a learning experience that captivates, entertains & inspires your audience into action.


Build a thriving culture & community with a shared purpose, that engages your members and keeps them coming back for more.

Our Majik Membership

Everything a purpose-driven creator & online educator needs to build your highly engaging courses and thriving online community. Our course library, coaching masterminds & community will successfully lead you from idea-to-launch!

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1-1 Coaching Session with Bradley T. Morris

I want you to get momentum straight out of the gate, which is why I offer a private, 60-minute "Get-Shit-Done" Coaching Session the first month. This will get you clear on what to do.

Get Shit Done
Majik Mind Coaching

Get coached in the community and join in live every two weeks on Zoom for high-level mastermind & group coaching. We brainstorm ideas, review work, answer questions & get inspired.
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Binge-Worthy Courses

Map out your binge-worthy course that sells, in our epic mini-course that teaches you how to craft highly engaging, transformational courses that blow your student's minds.
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eCourse Adventures

In our flagship course & community, we will take you step-by-step from idea to profitable launch. We cover everything from curriculum design, to production, marketing & more...
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Going Mighty

Build your dream community and membership in Mighty Networks. We take you from engagement strategy, to technical set up, monetization plan, automation & growing your tribe.
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Green Screen Magic

Transform your ordinary video lessons into captivating, entertaining, professional quality educational media that your students can't stop binge-watching & learning from.

Get Shit Done
Workdays & Cash Games

Join our online Get Shit Done Workdays & weeklong Retreats. Plus, win cash prizes when you participate in our "Get Shit Done Cash Game Challenges" (for members only). 

Private Community for Purpose-Driven Creators

Belong to our global community of purpose-driven creators, online educators and entrepreneurs, who like you, are on a mission to bring their best work out into the world.

Meditation Library
with Bradley T. Morris'

Bradley Morris has led 500+ meditation workshops and his online meditations have spread to 70+ countries. With 32 custom tracks, this library will help you Free your Majik.

One Simple Price Gets You Everything!

No Credit Card Required. $99/Month if you decide to stay.
Get a coaching session in your first month when you sign up!


Strategy • Community Design • Mighty Networks • Media Production 

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Meet The team

Founder of Majik Media, Bradley T. Morris has been producing inspirational media since 2007 when his first video ever went viral, leading to speaking tours around North America. He then taught 500+ meditation workshops (2009-12) and retreats around the world. Ironically, he got burnt out from teaching too much meditation, so he put his work online and it spread to 70+ countries via apps & courses. This success led him to start teaching teachers to teach better online in 2014. He’s now obsessed with the idea of merging art, entertainment, gamification, storytelling & communities to teach new skills and transform lives online. For fun, he plays golf every morning at sunrise and pro tournaments on weekends. Bradley lives on Salt Spring Island, BC with his wife, son and dog named Bonkers.

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