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The step-by-step journey and supportive community that empowers you to create courses you’re proud of and your students love.

"By far the best online community and program I have been a part of, out of the many different online business programs I've joined. The support is genuine, and grounded in the reality of the challenges of the online industry. I feel honestly supported, not just lip service, but a real investment in my success.”
GEA Member

Never Feel Lost Again

Want to create an incredible online course without pulling your hair out?

We've Got You Covered

Everything you need to build your e-learning business.

Trail Map

Our step-by-step map will take you from idea to launching a highly engaging, profitable, unique, transformational online course.


Get the customized, personal support you need to make a masterpiece with our bi-monthly mastermind coaching sessions.


Get real time, honest, helpful feedback, encouragement and support from us and fellow adventurers (your new BFFs).

Tools & Resources

We give you our epic interactive workbook to map out your course, sales page templates, we point you to the best tech for you & more.

Biz Training

We don't just teach you how to make mind-blowing courses. Learn how to create a sustainable business that will enable your dream lifestyle.

Cash Challenges

Join our bi-annual "eCourse Games" for friendly competition to produce the best course you can to win cash prizes and other awesome goodies.

Your Treasure Map

A step-by-step guide to creating deeply transformational online learning experiences.

Curriculum Design

Craft a powerful step-by-step process that leads students towards a lasting transformation.

Experience Design

Create an engaging learning experience that keeps them inspired every step of the way.

Community Building

Build a thriving culture around your message and movement so students stick around for more.

Production & Launch

Produce binge-worthy media that transforms lives and helps you stand out as the go-to leader in your niche.

Happy Campers Make Great Courses

Meet Your Guides

Bradley T. Morris

Bradley is an ideas and strategy guy. He has a gift for designing powerful curriculums, communicating messages & ideas clearly and coming up with creative ways to share your gifts. He balances that with his ability to see the steps required to get from idea to launch. For fun, he plays pro golf and goes on adventures with his wife and son.

Blair Francis Armstrong

Blair has an incredible gift for taking big, out of the box ideas and professionally producing them into imaginative media experiences that inspire action and transform lives. He is a creative director, producer, videographer and Majik-Maker in the editing room. For fun, Blair makes beautiful music and plays with his cat Felix and nephew, Sauryn.

Andy Freeland

Andy was one of the teachers and techies behind v1 of the Great eCourse Adventure and played an enormous role in facilitating the mind-blowing experience you're about to embark upon. He is an active investor, advisor and ally of Majik Media and works with us as a brand strategist. As you go through the GEA, you'll see a lot of him!

More Happy Campers

They aren't just students. They're family.

“The Great eCourse Adventure has been a phenomenal experience for me. After I joined, my course objectives and outline became clear, the tech hurdles cleared and writing the actual course came easily. I got further in 4 weeks with GEA than I had in the year before.”
Course Creator
“I've never been more excited about creating an online course. It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Whenever I get stuck or need help, the GEA team appears like magic, ready to guide me back on the path. Their coaching has been invaluable for me.”
Course Creator

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