How I am Scheduling My Success in 2023

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I slid into my Christmas holidays at the end of last year completely and totally burnt out.

Rightfully so too.

I grew two businesses last year (Majik Media + Majik Kids), plus worked with 8 Majik Media partners on growing their businesses… Plus ran our Creators Club… Plus played Pro Golf… Plus was in Adventure mode everyday with my son at 3:30pm and on weekends… Plus worked the Saturday Markets on Salt Spring Island for Majik Kids every weekend from April – October.

I don’t say all of this to sound like a hero, I share this as a cautionary tale.

Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are the most important things.

We can’t be in our best state if we don’t focus on taking care of ourselves and aligning our schedule in a realistic way that gives ourselves the space to thrive.

Fortunately for me, I know how to rebalance and so my recovery was pretty quick.

Some of my holiday practices included:

  • Eating wholesome foods
  • Cold water swims
  • Daily Exercise
  • Rest and extra sleep
  • Tons of time in nature
  • Staying off my computer
  • Reading books instead of watching videos
  • Not thinking about work
  • Not consuming any news
  • Playing golf, Chi Ball & quality time with my kiddo & wife

I literally composted; hardly thinking about or making any plans for 2023… at least until the last couple days of my holidays.

It was the perfect medicine for me … and in the process, I had some beautiful realizations and realignments with my life, business, schedule and personal expectations for the year ahead, which I’m excited to share with you now.

  1. Complete Calendar Makeover

    My team grew from 3 to 20+ at the peak of last year, which made for a lot of communication emails, delegating and time on Zoom. It was exhausting for my mind.

    This inspired me to rethink my calendar, family schedule and personal time.

    I feel so much more inspired about my day-to-day life now that I have Scheduled My Success for 2023.

    Redesigning my schedule, alongside my wife was about a three hour process where we looked at all the pieces of our life that matter most to us;

    – Family time
    – Solo time
    – Working
    – Creative Time
    – Adventures
    – Golf (for me)
    – Parenting Time
    – Home Schooling
    – Learning New Skills
    – Etc…

    From there, we mapped out our daily themes and weekly + monthly rhythms.

  2. Daily Themes & Routines

    Every day of the week now has a clear theme and purpose. This will make it easier on my busy brain, so I don’t have to switch back and forth, wearing 5+ different hats in a day.

    My coaching time, writing time, work time, meeting time, delegation time, planning time, Papa time, golf time and free time is mapped out in a more cohesive, harmonious & supportive way..

    This allows me to access a creative flow state in my life and work easier because I’m no longer trying to be a CEO while writing a children’s story.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been aligning to my dream life for almost two decades, always making minor tweaks to our lifestyle, rhythms, routines and calendar – to see how we can continuously upgrade, thrive and be in our best state daily….

    But something about this upgrade feels different. It feels like a next level for my family and I.

    On January 27th, I will be teaching a 3-Hour Workshop to help you schedule your most successful 2023. I’ll be taking you through the exact process I just went through. By the end of the session, you’ll have your own schedule to thrive within (life and business). Sign up!

  3. Monthly Personal Retreats

    Both my wife and I agreed that we need more space from our family & home life responsibilities. One of our experiments for this year is to offer each other a monthly retreat where we can either stay home alone OR go on an adventure elsewhere.

    For me, this will be when I go play my Pro Golf Tournaments or retreat into nature for some much needed solo off-screen time in nature.

    Having these monthly retreats will give us something to look forward to every month and in theory, will allow us to show up to our marriage, parenting and life responsibilities with more energy, enthusiasm and care. We’ll let you know if that’s true at the end of the year.

My message to you, which I have a feeling will really support you to have your best, most creative and profitable year yet is this:

Schedule your Success in 2023!

Spend a half a day (or more if you can) redesigning your work & life schedule.

This will allow for you to be realistic about your expectations on yourself and the time you do have.

If you have to shuffle things around, do it. It will be so worth it.

You need to figure out what is going to help you thrive this year in health, in business, in your creative pursuits and in your relationships.

Keeping things simple, focused and streamlined is a great way to go. That way you can show up to each moment, each task and each meeting fully present for what is needed & expected of you.

And if you need help Scheduling your Success – sign up for my 3-Hour Workshop where you’ll do exactly that At the end of the workshop you’ll have your upgraded calendar all set-up and ready!!

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