How to License your Courses & Content to Apps, Companies & Institutions

Online Licensing

In 2012, I launched two different meditation courses as a way to retire myself from teaching 200+ meditation workshops per year. Those courses spread far and wide (something like 50-60+ countries) and I have been receiving ongoing passive income on them since the first day my first course went live…

Around 2014, I started seeking out alternative marketing paths to leverage my courses and generate even more passive income.

In this video, I share different strategies to license your courses and expertise to apps, companies or institutions who HAVE money & an audience.

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The beautiful thing about going the licensing route is, you don’t need to build a big email list or social media following to prosper and transform lives.

Instead, you might only need 1, 2 or a few licensing clients to generate the income and impact you desire.

Topics and Case Studies Covered In This Video:

  1. The difference between exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.
  2. How I licensed my meditations to several meditation apps and have increased my income every year. Last year alone, I made over $60,000 in licensing income and worked less than two hours on it.
  3. How I negotiated a custom meditation project for a company and got paid approx. $30K to do it, plus about $10K in annual renewal fees.
  4. How a client of mine pre-sold her course to a company before it was even launched, which covered her production costs and then some… and now she has the freedom to keep licensing her courses to more companies.
  5. How to license and host other people’s courses in your network.

Note: This video is like a mini-course in itself, so buckle up and prepare to go on an exciting ride with me… or hike in this case!


You can’t license poorly produced courses and content. You have to put in the time and creative energy required to make magical educational content that sets you apart from everybody else in your field. Set your sites high, go the extra mile and become the go-to teacher in your field. These companies & apps need creators like you to stand up and make their job easier. They’re waiting for you. But you’re going to have to blow them away with the quality of your content.


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