“It’s More Boring When It’s Not Fun” (Inteview with Justin Blackman)

Justin Blackman is not boring

Okay, if you thought an interview about copywriting would be boring, you are the opposite of correct.

This was the funnest interview I’ve conducted… ever. And all we did was talk about was writing words.

Join Justin Blackman from PrettyFlyCopy.com and I for an epic 40 minute conversation about writing, the power of words and how to bring more personality to your copy so you become more likeable, loveable and clickable.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, so pay attention and take notes.

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Topics Covered in this Interview:

  • How stand-up comedians structure their sentences and what you can learn from them to spice up your copywriting..
  • Understanding the Word Economy and how you can write shorter, tighter and punchier sentences by saying more with less.

“The highest point of listening comes after a laugh.” – Kevin Rogers

  • How to infuse your personality into your copy by being more fun… even if you don’t consider yourself to be a fun person. (Memes & Gifs can help).
  • How pop culture references can help bridge a connection point with your audience and therefore build greater trust and connection.
  • The fine balance when using underlying tones to either sound more confident or like an authoritative SOB.
  • The ever-so important secret to writing catchy headlines and email subject lines. This one tip is worth the listen!
  • Justin’s creative process for writing longform articles and newsletters. Where he starts and how he gets to the point.

“Instead of thinking outside the box, make your box smaller.” – Justin Blackman

  • Justin’s TheHeadlineProject.com experiment, where he wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days and what he learned about copywriting.
  • Brand Ventriloquism: How he learned to analyze brand voices by writing for more than 300 entrepreneurs.
  • Justin’s WTF formula for finding your authentic voice when you write… and it’s not what you think (words, tone, frequency).
  • Crazy simple ways to sound more like your favorite entrepreneurs (no matter what industry you’re in).
  • The three most powerful words in your copy… and one of them is not free. (Imagine, You and Because)
  • A fun two person exercise to do before you start writing, to stimulate the left and right side of your brain.

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Justin Blackman

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