You Can’t Buy a Reputation with Facebook Ads – Play the Long Game

Most of what we’re taught in the online marketing and course creation space is about how to have a big, successful launch…

Or how to make six figures straight out of the gate, so you can quit your
9-5 job and make money while you sleep…

What’s missing though is talk about how to play the long game!

Which takes patience, a focus on service and consistency in key areas…

Yes, making a sustainable income straight out of the gate is important.

You can’t buy a reputation with Facebook Ads.

Reputations take time to build, which require you to genuinely want to show up and serve others, while remaining in integrity by creating quality products & services

It means you can’t go chasing shiny objects in the hopes of striking it rich. You must stay focused on where you are, who’s in front of you & what your next step is.

As the good work you do spreads, so too will your reputation.

This is how Majik Media has grown. This is how my meditations grew too.

In this Podcast, I dig into some key strategies to play the long game: 

  • Scheduling affiliate & marketing outreach sessions where you focus on growing your business and building relationships.
  • How “there is always the perfect number of people signed up at all times” and how that idea should relieve stress for you.
  • How putting things out somewhat premature helps you refine and improve before launching something.
  • How to serve your audience and make money WHILE you build your big dream course.
  • How beta testing with a live offering is the way to go, rather than launching a big thing straight out of the gate like we did…
  • How to create a production schedule for yourself.
  • How playing the long-game is the key to success.

Are you following through on your marketing strategy or do you let resistance hold you back from actually reaching out and spreading the word today?

Listen to the episode and share what you learned below!