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Gain unrestricted access to an extensive array of my invaluable time-leveraging Creator Templates, binge-worthy courses & trainings, interactive live masterclasses, and an intimate community space where like, “Cheers” everybody knows your name!

Get the insights, feedback, coaching support & answers to your burning questions when you need them most!

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"Working with Majik Media has been a phenomenal experience for me. Thanks to them, I have a step-by-step plan to launch my course and I've gotten further in 4 weeks than in the entire previous year!"
Jennifer Summerfeldt
Therapist & Coach


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Great eCourse Adventure

Our step-by-step flagship course, community & coaching program that will guide you to produce incredible courses that are binge-worthy, blow minds, and transform lives!

Produce Your Magic Trailer

Our step-by-step flagship course, community & coaching program that will guide you to produce incredible courses that are binge-worthy, blow minds, and transform lives!

Green Screen Magic

Learn the art of crafting highly engaging courses, thriving communities and transformational experiences in our free mini-course.

Meditation Majik Library

Doing great work, means feeling great. Experience the gift of Bradley's meditation library that's been enjoyed by millions of meditators.
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Going Mighty

Building a community on Mighty Networks is like throwing a party. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about strategizing, setting up, monetizing, automating and growing your Mighty Network.
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Binge-Worthy Courses

Learn the art of crafting highly engaging courses, thriving communities and transformational experiences in our free mini-course.

Teach 2024

Stop overcomplicating your business model. Make teaching your focus for 2024, and get a ton of workshop ideas, dates & marketing strategies in place!

Freedom Map 2024

The workshop you need to get organized, get clear and get shit done in 2024! The secret strategy? Structure, systems and a schedule!

Business of Meditation
(Templates Included)

Learn the four key strategies for finding and nurturing incredible, profitable, reciprocal partnerships with like-minded influencers out to change the world!

Signature Workshop
(Templates Included)

This course is for business owners and online educators who are ready to create a fail-proof marketing strategy and schedule that reignites their stoke for selling!

Pre-Sales Majik 
(Templates Included)

Take the guess work out of your next big launch and follow our proven pre-sales path! Apply our step-by-step process and templates to your next big course or membership!

Schedule Your Success (Templates Included)

This course is for business owners and online educators who are ready to create a fail-proof marketing strategy and schedule that reignites their stoke for selling!

Make your Marketing Plan (Templates Included)

With this course, get into better rhythms and routines, which make it easier to access that flow state we all desire in our creative projects & lives!

Majik Business Plan
(Templates Included)

Create a winning business plan that aligns your vision, talents & team, so you have a path to follow with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm.​

Signature Workshop Training
(Templates Included)

This is for creators ready to design & deliver a signature workshop, & develop an effective, proven, duplicatable marketing strategy - without Social Media.

Create your Comedy Commercial

With this course, allow yourself to get wildly creative with your marketing strategy! Get support in writing, producing & delivering your very first comedy commercial.

Create & Launch your Flagship Training
(Templates Included)

Create a 4-week flagship program with coaching support, templates that work, and community feedback.


MONDAY: Schedule your Success Sessions

Every Monday morning at 9:30am, we will get together to ground into your intentions, prioritize your time, plan your marketing outreach tasks and tune into the best path forward for the week ahead - so you stay focused, creative & productive.

WEDNESDAY: Majik Mind Coaching Sessions

Experience the power of these laser-focused coaching sessions, where the community supports you creatively, strategically and energetically with the clarity, breakthrough or feedback you need most to move forward with confidence and creativity. Booyah!

THURSDAY: GSD Co-Working Sessions

Every Thursday, we’ll co-work (online) on whatever creative projects are calling you. It could be story, script or copy writing, design work, planning out a presentation or any number of things. These sessions will get the creative juices flowing!



Save a ton of time, money and pain by asking questions & getting help!

Business Strategy

Create a clear vision and plan to build your dream business & life.

Media Production

Learn to produce binge-worthy video lessons & professional audio.

Launch Success

Learn our process for launching new memberships, courses or trainings.


Learn to bring your people together in your private community platform.

Templates Baby!

Get our marketing, email and spreadsheet templates!

Systems Design

Set yourself up for success by building the right systems with the right tools.

Become a Pro

To get paid like a professional, learn to do work that's professional!

Marketing Support

Reach more people & make more money (with or without social media).

Get Feedback

Get honest feedback about your media, landing pages, plan & strategies.

Tech Support

Make time for tech learning time and you'll learn tech in no time!

Peer Support

Be surrounded by really awesome people doing really awesome work!

A Private Community for Magical Creators

Join an incredibly creative, devoted group of purpose-driven creators who are here to live a magical life & do great work.

Live Trainings & 
Upcoming Workshops

Every month I teach at least one live workshop that includes templates, resources & coaching.



$ 247/mo

Cancel Anytime
  • Leverage your income, audience & life's work!
  • All Articles
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  • All Templates
  • All Live Trainings
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  • All Coaching Videos
  • Community


$ 10k/yr

or 10x $1,111
  • Everything from the Majik Mind level ($3k/yr)
  • Initial 90-Minute Strategy Session
  • Monthly 75-Minute Coaching Session with Bradley
  • Full Access to the Majik Mind Membership & Weekly Live events ($3,000/yr)
  • Direct access to Bradley for feedback & support in Intimate Coaching Space
  • All LIVE trainings Bradley teaches for the next year
  • 5 hours of Tech Troubleshooting Support with Coralie
*Your Majik Mentorship is a 10-Month Journey with Bradley*


Enjoy reading some enthusiastic reviews about what it’s like working with us down below.

"Working with Majik Media has been a phenomenal experience for me. Thanks to them, I have a step-by-step plan to launch my course and I've gotten further in 4 weeks than in the entire previous year!"
Jennifer Summerfeldt​
Majik Member
"I am blown away by the rich & detailed content that is offered so passionately & creatively at Majik Media. I feel fully supported every step of the way, allowing me to do my very best work."
Christy Greenwood​
Majik Member
"I've never been more excited about creating an online course. It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Everything about Majik Media is fun and engaging. Their coaching is invaluable."
Tree Franklin
Majik Member

Dear Majik-Maker!

As an independent creator, I understand the challenges of wearing multiple hats and juggling numerous responsibilities. I consider myself fortunate to have reached a stage where I can collaborate with an incredible, creative, talented team. However, I vividly remember the days when I had to “do all the things” myself.

That’s precisely why I’ve created the Majik Mind.

It’s designed for creators like you who find themselves in that uncomfortable in-between stage of growing your business. You have a multitude of tasks on your plate, limited resources for high-end coaching or hiring, you struggle to stay focused and prioritize, lack efficient systems, and still have much to learn and discover on your entrepreneurial journey.

The Majik Mind is tailored to you if:



1. You Need to Design Your Signature Workshop: My signature workshop has grown my email list by 4000 people this last year, and I’ve only taught it 16 times. When was the last time posting on social media did that for you (without having to spend a fortune)? Let me guide you in designing and touring your signature workshop from virtual stage to virtual stage – coming September.


2. You Need a Fail-Proof Launch Strategy that’s Made Well Over $2M in Launch Revenue: Our Pre-Sales Majik training provides you with precise steps and launch templates & processes to ensure a successful launch. Implement this training at least 100 days before launching your project, and start your journey to a triumphant launch today.


3. You Need a Marketing Strategy that Actually Works: Remarkably, I’ve grown Majik Media year after year without relying on social media for the past six years. Who else do you know doing that? If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on marketing, one that emphasizes genuine relationships in the real world, then I’m the coach you need to reimagine marketing & develop a strategy you’ll be eager to implement.


4. You Need Creative Feedback on Your Work: With 18+ years of experience as a creator and coach, I’ve built countless projects and honed my ability to identify the elements that make a significant impact on your business, influence, and offerings. Let me help you focus on the aspects that will truly make the biggest difference.


5. You Need to Brainstorm Options and Ideas: Feeling creatively deflated? I am a spark that ignites electric currents of new ideas, perspectives, and plans for your project. As the leader of a creative agency filled with talented artists, generating fun and actionable ideas is what we do best. You’ll want my Majik Mind on your team.


6. You Need to Make Fast Cash: I’ve personally experienced the struggles of living month-to-month and conjuring money miracles. If you’re grappling with cash flow shortages, let my idea-generating brain help you devise a fast cash action plan and path to quickly overcome your financial rut.


7. You Need to Learn How to Effectively Find New Partnerships: Instead of fixating on amassing thousands of followers or subscribers, focus on finding strategic partners who can catapult your business beyond your wildest dreams. I’ve mastered this approach since leaving social media and can guide you on the path to successful partnerships.


8. You Need to Produce World-Class Media on a Budget: Throughout my career, I’ve written and produced hundreds of entertaining, educational lessons, comedy commercials, audio meditations, and animations that are both world-class and budget-friendly. Allow my team and I to elevate the creative standards of your media production – because if you wanna get paid like a pro, you need to produce like a pro. Trust me, your audience and bank account will thank you!


9. You Need to Know the Secrets to Licensing Your Content & Courses: I’ve unlocked a little-known marketing trick called “Licensing,” enabling me to reach millions of meditators and generate substantial passive income without growing a meditation audience. Discover the same possibilities with my licensing outreach templates and sage advice (you also get my spreadsheet with 100+ meditation apps).


10. You Need to Craft Binge-Worthy Courses: At Majik Media, we specialize in using entertainment to teach and transform. We’ve developed a comprehensive (very fun) series of trainings that delve into the art of building binge-worthy courses, captivating your audience, and blowing their minds. Let us help you engage your audience like never before.


11. You Need to Create Comedic Marketing Videos: Comedy has been a lifelong passion of mine, and for our Majik Kids launch, we’re collaborating with one of the world’s top comedy ad agencies at The Harmon Brothers. With over 50 comedy commercials already written and 15 produced, we’ll have over 40 comedy skits ready to release this September for the launch of our incredible Majik Kids App. If you crave more laughter in your life and marketing, I’d love to play alongside you.


12. You Need to Design a Flagship Training that Generates Revenue: Allow me to help you generate consistent income by creating a few signature trainings that expertly guide your audience through transformative experiences. When you join the Majik Mind, you gain access to all my upcoming live trainings.


13. You Need Help Choosing your Tech: Tech is not your 1st, 2nd or 3rd language and so you spend too much time spinning your wheels, procrastinating and avoiding it. I understand because tech’s not my first language either. So let my friendly team and I simplify the process, guiding you towards the tech solutions that align with your goals, so you can make informed decisions, overcome tech-phobia, and embrace the full potential of technology to propel your business forward. Say goodbye to indecision and hello to productivity as we support you in unlocking a new world of possibilities.


14. You Need to Grow Your Coaching Business: Having started coaching at the ripe age of 22, I’ve relied on this skill to provide for my family over the years. If you’re searching for strategies to grow your coaching business, I can provide invaluable assistance.


15. You Need to Be Surrounded by Inspiring Folks on the Path: I have an innate ability to attract magical, high-vibing, inspiring, creative individuals to my life’s work. If you crave meaningful relationships with remarkable people, then the Majik Mind is the ideal space for you to mingle and accomplish your goals.


16. You Need Accountability & Inspiration: I am a force of nature dedicated to living my best life. If you seek the same for yourself, join my world, and let’s inspire each other to show up in all the best ways possible. Together, we’ll get shit done and have a lot of fun along the way.


Sound inspiring and exactly what you need?
The Majik Mind awaits: Offering empowerment, clarity, and inspiration to help you embrace your full potential as a creator. It’s time to unlock your creativity, step into your power, and embark on a path of growth and fulfillment – for you and your audience.

Join Me: Together we’ll make Majik all over the internet & world!


majik media: author, coach, creative director, executive producer

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Case Study

Meditation Library

Bradley Morris has reached millions of meditators with his world-class meditation library — which has also generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income, without needing to grow an audience.

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Majik Kids

Magical Kids creates magical Audio Stories, Illustrated Books, Meditations & Homeschooling Activities to Inspire Kids’ Imagination, Creativity & Joy Sparkle.

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Radiance Sutras School of Meditation

100 years of combined wisdom leveraged and consolidated into their dream school and community for meditators alike.

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Going Mighty

We created a course for Mighty Networks to help their users get the most out of the platform.

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The School of Mythopoetics

See how we supported North America’s leaders in Mythopoetics to launch their international online school!

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Marketing For Hippies

Read how Marketing For Hippies founder, Tad Hargrave, consolidated his life’s work and generated $120,000 in pre-sales revenue in the process.

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The Wide Awakening

See how we helped to bring Jennifer Hough’s community together under one cohesive roof so she could scale her business. 

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The $386K Year

How we took one of our partners from having 9000 followers on YouTube to making $386K USD in a year.

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The CEO of Me

See how we supported corporate trainer, Dr. D to scale her business by producing a licensable online course for companies.