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Bradley T. Morris

Executive Producer

CEO, engagement strategist, writer, producer, coach & consultant, Bradley is here to transform the world one media experience at a time.


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet a true creative force. For nearly two decades, Bradley T. Morris has been revolutionizing the world of online creation, coaching, and entrepreneurship. This guy has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and he’s on a mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth. From mind-expanding viral videos to binge-worthy courses, to his audio meditation library that has reached millions of people, not only transforming countless lives, but also achieving remarkable financial success, Bradley has left a lasting impact on countless individuals. His online communities thrive harder than your neighbor’s tomato garden, and his Majik Kids App will make your head spin. With over 500 transformational workshops under his belt, he’s a true expert in his field. But wait, there’s more! In 2016, Bradley took a bold step away from social media in search of real-world connection. Six years later, he emerged with his revolutionary masterclass, Biz Without Social, teaching thousands of creators to thrive and flourish outside the confines of the virtual world. Now, Bradley and his 6-year-old sidekick are tearing up the business world as a dynamic duo with, their Fair Trade publishing and production company, they’re rewriting the rules and giving artists a whopping 50% of the revenue. With Majik Kids, get ready for the most magical audio stories, music, imagination meditations, illustrated books, and fun learning activities that are off the charts fun. It’s a world where screen time takes a back seat and the flames of imagination, creativity, and confidence are ignited in your little wizards. And here’s the kicker: Bradley also plays professional golf as his passion hobby. So get ready, because Bradley T. Morris is here to unleash your true potential. With his sense of humor, possibilities mindset, and a twinkle in his eye. He is here to inspire, activate, and transform your life and business like never before. Get ready to make magic together.


For a whopping 18 years, Bradley T. Morris has been rocking the worlds of online creation, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Seriously, this guy has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.

From mind-blowing viral videos, to mind-expanding online courses, to online communities that thrive harder than your neighbours tomato garden, to apps that make your head spin with majik & innovation, to 500+ in person transformational workshops taught — Bradley is on a mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth.

But wait, there’s more! Bradley’s audio meditation library has touched more lives than all the puppy videos on the internet combined — well almost. Yeah, we’re talking about several million meditators reached here! Not only has he transformed countless lives, but he’s also raked in millions of dollars for Majik Media & his Majik Partners. Can you say, “Cha-ching!?”

In 2016, when his tiny human was born, Bradley did the unthinkable. He said, “See yah later” to social media and set out on a quest for real-world connection. Skip forward 6 wild years and enter stage left, his mind-blowing masterclass, Biz Without Social, which has taught thousands of creators to thrive and flourish without needing Mark’s Metaverse. Real connections and actual growth, baby! Who needs virtual when you can be a rockstar in reality?

And now, brace yourself for the most jaw-dropping adventure of all time! Picture Bradley and his 6-year-old sidekick tearing up the business world like a dynamic duo. Move over Batman and Robin, because they’re taking the stage with, the first-ever Fair Trade publishing and production company. These legends give artists a whopping 50% of the revenue they generate from App subscriptions & book sales! Talk about turning the tables on the establishment.

With Majik Kids, get ready for mind-blowing audio stories, music that makes your heart dance, imagination meditations that take you on inner adventures, books that are so beautifully illustrated you’ll think they were made by unicorns, and learning activities that are off the charts fun. Who needs screen time when you can dive into the world of Majik Kids and ignite the flames of imagination, creativity, and confidence in your little wizards?

Now, let’s not forget about Bradley’s life outside of his insane professional feats. When he’s not changing the world, he’s a loving father, devoted husband, passionate gardener (his veggies make rabbits weep with gratitude), and a creator of whimsical Gnome doors that make his back forest look like a fairytale wonderland. Oh, and did we mention he’s a master community builder? The guy is a walking friendship factory!

And hold onto your hats, folks, because this maniac also plays professional golf as his passion hobby. That’s right, Bradley not only hits his business targets, but he hits golf targets too, proving that persistence, focus, and sheer determination can transform even the most ordinary hobby into something downright transformational and spiritual – as he competes in one of the hardest games in the world as a professional.

So buckle up, prepare to have your mind blown, and get ready to embark on the wildest creative journey of your life. Bradley T. Morris is here to unleash your true potential, ensuring you not only crush your goals, but that you do it with a sense of humour, endless growth, and a twinkle in your eye. Get ready to be inspired, activated, and transformed by the extraordinary force that is Bradley T. Morris!

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About Majik Media:

Business without Social Media: Why left social media six years ago and the 10 marketing strategies I consistently use to grow Majik Media & Majik Kids without social media. 

Majik Partnerships: How partnering with aligned creators, artists and revenue sharing makes for a win-win business model.

Transformational media: How online education has evolved and what works today for online consumers.

The ABC’s of Creating: What it takes to go from good to great as a creator and entrepreneur. 

Schedule your Success: How to win the long game!

Get Shit Done, While Having Fun: My philosophy for life and leadership.

Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Quest: Use your journey of creating as a path to transform and improve as a person.

The Success of my Meditation Library: How recording a meditation library has impacted millions of meditators. 




About Majik Kids:

Overcoming Screen Addictions: How audio stories are a fun solution for kids to overcome their screen addictions.

Raising Creators vs. Consumers: How videos cause kids to become “consumers”, whereas audio stories are a vehicle to make them empowered creators. 

Magical Stories for Magical Kids: Why kids need stories to learn, discover and grow… and how companies like Disney are failing our children. 

Inspiring Curiosity, Imagination & Magic in Education: How is Majik Kids bringing more “majik” to kids in classroom & homeschooling settings ? 

Fairtrade Publishing: Our mission to grow an artist collective – who are paid well to make inspiring, magical art for the kids. 

Homeschooling Life: As a homeschooling family, we are choosing to do things differently than most homeschoolers. Happy to talk about what we’re learning.

Book Bradley to teach a private 60-90 minute Masterclass that will support your audience to grow their business, income and impact in the world without social media. This masterclass has had thousands of people attend live since 2022 and will inspire the heck out of you and your audience. Book Bradley to teach it to your community at


Tired of the social media grind dictating your business’s fate? Discover an alternative relationships-based marketing philosophy that can help you to grow your business beyond the confines of social platforms & your current income ceilings. Join us for a 60-Minute Masterclass + Q&A with Bradley T. Morris, founder of Majik Media & Majik Kids, for a journey that breaks free from the social media trap.
In this session, you’ll uncover:
  • The powerful reality of Bradley’s departure from social media six years ago.
  • How his lifestyle, creativity and business thrived exponentially (eventually) after leaving the social media attention trap.
  • TEN alternative marketing strategies that fueled consistent year-after-year business expansion, all without relying on social media.
Expect nothing less than an unfiltered, empowering marketing workshop that dismantles the myth that success hinges on giving away your private data and creative energy to tech giants. It’s time to reclaim your dreams and join Bradley on this inspiring path of authentic business growth. Sign up today and rewrite the rules of your entrepreneurial journey.