Bradley T. Morris

Executive Producer

CEO, engagement strategist, writer, producer, coach & consultant, Bradley is here to transform the world one media experience at a time.

Bradley has been producing inspirational media since 2007 when his first video ever went viral, leading to speaking tours around North America. 

He then taught 500+ meditation workshops and retreats around the world and in 2012 put all his meditation work online, which has since spread to 70+ countries & hundreds of thousands of lives via apps & online courses. It is 100% passive income now.

In 2014 he started supporting other teachers to bring their work online and 2016 Majik Media was founded during his search to produce the most epic, memorable, transformational media and courses he could dream up. 

He is now passionate about helping teachers, coaches and facilitators bring their life’s work online in the best way they can.

For fun, he plays Professional Golf and adventures with his family.


Blair Francis Armstrong

media Magician

We call him The Great Blairdini for a reason. He takes complex ideas and turns them into magical media experiences that transform lives.


Noah Cebuliak

Audio magician

Noah is a lifelong musician who is a wizard in the audio booth. Whether it’s mixing meditation tracks, making tantalizing tunes or turning your video into an MP3, he’s your guy.

Adam Evanik

Adam Evanik


With over a decade in TV, advertising and film, Adam loves all parts of the creative process. From ideation, to planning & storyboarding a good idea, to producing it and editing. Video is his first true love in life.


Forrest Feltham

Viral Marketing magician

Mr. Happy Pants is the opposite of a normal “sales guy.” He is fun, hilarious, wildly creative and he knows how to make money online.


Andy Freeland

Brand Strategist

Not just another pretty designer. Everything Andy does is with strategy, understanding, simplicity and your genius in mind. He’s good!

jason guille long pic

Jason Guille

Live Stream Specialist

Jason has put the spotlight on some of the world’s leading thinkers & doers through his world class Livestreaming services. 


Paige McIvor

Operations Manager

Paige is the overseer of all things community & project related. She can do anything & we sure are lucky to have her.


Celeste Morris

Studio Majik Manager

 Celeste is our hostess at Studio Majik and supports her husband & CEO with all the important decision-making at Majik Media.


Jonathan Stewart

Tech Wizard

Jonathan will set up your automations, simplify your systems & make your business work for you, so your life gets better.