Our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy For Majik Kids In 2022

At Majik Media, we’ve been pretty laid back about implementing any form of marketing strategy the last couple years because our focus has been on aligning with 4-5 strategic partnerships and leveraging their life’s work VS. trying to build our own membership.

However, in 2022 ALL of that changes. With the launch of MajikKids.com and the intention to leverage the shit our of the body of work/experience we’ve built at MajikMedia.com the last few years, we are working on a big marketing strategy.

In this video/audio, I layout the NINE marketing methods we are focusing on implementing in the first half of 2022 for our Majik Kids marketing strategy. I am hopeful you get some inspired ideas on how you can spread your work far-and-wide, while building a bigger bank account balance this year.

Let me know your thoughts, feelings & ideas!
*This coaching session was recorded in a Majik Mind for our membership.

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