Our Freemium Business Model Didn’t Work. We’re Going Back to a Paid Membership April 1st.

Why Premium Works

In November 2019, we decided to take a big risk and announce a 6-month experiment, where we would essentially give away ALL of our premium courses for free. (Courses that took us 5-years to build). It was an idea I had for quite a while and so I wanted to try it out to see what would happen.

In this Case Study & Announcement, I Share:

  • Our intentions behind the “Freemium Experiment.”
  • What we’ve learned from doing it and why it didn’t work out.
  • Why we’ll be switching back to a paid membership, starting April 1st, 2020.
  • Our new membership and affordable new pricing model.
  • How we’ll continue offering value for those who don’t want to remain members.
  • How to get life-time access to our courses, mastermind & community.
  • What it means for you if you already have a membership in Majik Media’s community

This will take five minutes to read AND I wrote it like a Case Study so you get value from our lessons learned.

My Intention for the Freemium Business Model Was:

To see if eliminating the barrier to entry would motivate more people to get in the door and “get shit done”.

My hopes were to:
  1. Get more people in to get their courses launched faster.
  2. Increase the number of paid members in our Mastermind group.
  3. Increase the number of partnership, client projects & consulting gigs.
  4. Increase engagement inside of the Majik Media community & our courses.
  5. Increase word-of-mouth and our overall community of members joining Majik Media.


The Reality Was:

It didn’t really work out how we had hoped it would.
  • We had less people getting launched than when our courses were paid (at least that we were aware of).
  • We had less community engagement (conversations with our students).
  • The size of our community and Mastermind didn’t grow enough to make it a worth while investment.
  • However, we did have an increase in partnership & consulting gigs (a big win!).
Out of the 5 intentions we had going into the experiment, one felt like a true success.
Why? I’ve been told this for years, but I guess I was in denial. People value the things they pay money for more than the things they get for free. It’s as simple as that.


What We Learned from the Freemium Experiment:

My younger, more ambitious & naive self always wanted to grow our philosophies, community of creators and impact as big as we could go. I now realize that is not the most effective way to change the world, nor is it the most fulfilling way to run a business and community.
Through this experiment, I have come to realize that I would much rather have a smaller, more intimate community of people who are dedicated to their work, believe in the philosophies we stand behind here at Majik Media, and are actively contributing and participating in our courses, conversations, masterminds and challenges.
I want to see the people in our community ‘getting shit done’ and sharing their success stories and failures as they go. This is an important element for me to stay excited and engaged myself… as well as for other members.


This is also one of the reasons our bi-Monthly Mastermind Sessions will be included in our new membership model. 


My lesson: I would rather have 50 dedicated people who are really getting shit done, than 5000 who are coming and going, but not really “HERE.” Feeling this and owning it feels grounding and good.


Because if there are only 50-100 paid members in the community, over time, we will get to know each other, trust each other and really be able to help each other. I want to feel like I am really contributing to people’s lives and a smaller community will help with that.
This is what it’s like inside of our current Majik Mind group and I want the whole community experience to be like that.


Our Intention for the Majik Media Membership Going Forward: 
To stick with our brand promise, we’re going forward with QUALITY over quantity.

Unlike most companies who are trying to grow bigger, we are choosing to be smaller.

We are building an intimate, supportive community for creators, online educators and entrepreneurs who are committed to bringing their best work forward in the digital world.


If you’re wanting to build highly engaging courses, successful online businesses & thriving online communities, you will have everything you need in this membership.


Best of all, if you stick around, you’ll get to know the hard-working, fun-loving, brilliant entrepreneurs who are a part of this magical piece of paradise on the internet.


Our Affordable, New Membership Model:

We are moving to an affordable, all-inclusive pricing model.

For one price you will get ALL FOUR of our courses AND for the first time ever, automatic access to our bi-monthly Mastermind Coaching Sessions, and more (read below)…

The Full Membership is$99/month ($799/year). 

Here is Exactly What You Get with the New Membership:

  • A 1-1 coaching session with Bradley Morris the first month you sign up to get you instant clarity and momentum.
  • Bi-Monthly Masterminds (aka Majik Mind), which are 2-hour Zoom sessions where I coach, do group masterminding and Q & A’s. 
  • The Art of Binge-Worthy Courses (map out your binge-worthy course)
  • The Great eCourse Adventure (design, produce, build & launch your course)
  • Going Mighty (strategize, build and grow your Mighty Network community)
  • Green Screen Magic (produce professional, entertaining educational media via the of a green screen/chroma key)
  • BONUS: Access to my audio meditation library, with 40+ custom meditation tracks (3-40 minutes each), all with custom music. These have been enjoyed in over 70 countries & licensed on apps around the world.
  • Access to our private blog; full of our latest videos, articles & case studies.
  • Access to our intimate community of creators & online educators.
  • Chance to join community “Get Shit Done Challenges” & win prizes.
  • Preferred rates on coaching, consulting, Mighty Network builds and video production.

What Happens If You’re Already in the Majik Media Community?

You will have until May 1st to decide if you’d like to stay. All of our courses will continue to be available until that time. If after May 1 you’d like to continue being apart of the Majik Media Membership, then you’ll need to pay for one of the two subscription options below.

*Those of you who are currently in our Majik Mind group will be grandmothered into the new membership.

How We’re Honouring Our Freemium Promise & Vision:

We still want to live and work from a place of generosity as intended when starting the experiment. This is the new paradigm of business & world we aspire to create.


So, if you decide not to stay in the community by joining the new paid membership, we will definitely be sad to see you go after April 30th, but we have great news for you too!


Our ultimate goal is to transform online education (because God knows it is needed). So for those of you who don’t want to join our paid membership, but you still want to learn from us, you will be happy to know that we’ve uploaded ALL of our courses to YouTube, which you can binge-watch for free, in these Playlists.


You just won’t have access to:
  • Our Community of Creators to be inspired by and get honest feedback & brainstorming support from.
  • The opportunity share your progress & ask questions as you go through our courses.
  • Our regular Mastermind Group Coaching sessions to get personal support.
  • Get Shit Done Community Challenges
  • Workbooks that go with our courses
  • The Meditation Majik Library
  • Newest content we produce, articles & upgrades on courses
  • Website/Sales page templates
  • Private masterclasses with amazing teachers
  • First dibs on in-person “Get Shit Done Retreats”
  • etc…

My Final Thoughts and Words of Encouragement to You:


It is better to take action and learn, than to take no action at all.


Though, I wouldn’t call the “Freemium Model” a success by any stretch, I am grateful we did it. At least now I know that it’s not the right business model for Majik Media. I also wouldn’t recommend it to most other businesses.


Connection is key this day and age and I now know that I want to create a space that feels safe, intimate, highly creative, stimulating, inspiring and kind of like a science lab where people have the freedom to experiment.


I am going with the “less is more and keep life/business simple” approach moving forward.
I am excited to build membership where I know the people I’m doing business with. 
I hope my willingness to take a chance on an idea inspires you to do the same. We tried something, it didn’t work and we learned a lot from the experiment. Winning!
The fact is, the world needs you to be doing the thing you’re most passionate about. And if you’re reading this during the “COVID-19 Lockdown,” you’ve gotta find a creative way to do it online… because many are at home stressed with time on their hands. 

I’ve been working online 
full-time since 2005 selling my creations. If a guy from a town of 500 people like me can do it, you can too!


Remember, you can always try an idea. If it doesn’t work, you can always come up with a new idea and try that too. Be courageous, take a chance and adapt to our changing world.


I hope to see you inside the membership moving forward.
If you know you’re going to stay with us, it’s best to buy your new membership now! 


Join the Majik Membership today at www.MajikMedia.com/membership

FYI – Once we get the paid membership to a comfortable number (about 100 new paid members), we will be increasing the monthly fee. We are keeping the prices affordable for those of you who want to be a core part of Majik Media going forward.

We look forward to serving all of you moving forward, whether it’s inside the membership or on our Youtube Channel and Podcast.


Blessings to you all during these wild times on Planet Earth.


Happy Creating,
Bradley T. Morris