Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Leverage your life’s work. Partner with us to create a powerful platform & media that serves your audience and grows your income streams.


We are a Creative Agency that Can Make ALL your Dreams Come True!

Business Strategy

Break through your limits on how much time, energy, income and impact you have. It’s time to fulfill your purpose and mission.

Media Production

Produce magical media that captivates, teaches and transforms your audiences’ lives one video & audio at a time.

Platform Build

Leverage your life’s work by bringing it and your audience all together under one beautifully designed platform.

"Working with Bradley has felt so supportive! He guides you through creating and marketing your Signature Workshop with easy systems, templates, and tons of support. I've finally created my Signature Workshop and have more than 300 people signed up. I'm excited to take this workshop on tour soon!"

Together is Better

Instead of paying us a ton of money to be our client, you can pay less up front and become our partner. Together, we invest in your success, create a masterpiece and share in the revenue generated. 

"Partnering with Majik Media has taken my online business and media to a level I never imagined possible. They bring a mix of creative out-of-the-box thinking, highly professional media, and a realistic understanding of what it takes to thrive in the online business world. Together we created an online course like nothing the internet has seen before."
Chris Gilmour
Client & Partner

Business Strategy

Create a clear vision and plan to build your dream business.

Media Production

Produce binge-worthy video lessons and professional audio.


Bring your people together in your private community platform.

Systems Design

Build a scaleable business by setting up the right systems.

Membership Sites

Set up multi-tiered membership sites and ongoing subscriptions.

Experience Design

Create experiences that inspire and help your audience grow.

Apps & Platforms

Create exactly what you need in the ways you can imagine it.


Have a powerful online presence that people pay attention to.


Save a ton of time, money and heartache by letting us guide you.

In life, there are a few encounters with exceptional individuals that leave an indelible mark. My journey with Bradley Morris and his dedicated team was precisely one of those remarkable moments. Over the past 10 months, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Bradley and the Majik Mind Team to nurture and expand my own business venture. Under their guidance, I’ve honed my business identity, crafted a new marketing strategy, and successfully launched an online community platform where I share the transformative practices of meditation and yoga with a global audience.

Bradley’s mentorship is unparalleled. He embodies a multitude of qualities that define an exemplary coach: professionalism, unwavering support, boundless creativity, leading by example, patience, expert guidance, empathy, business acumen, motivational prowess, and an infectious sense of enthusiasm.

The cohesion within Bradley’s team is awe-inspiring. My interactions with Coralie epitomized professionalism, unwavering support, and remarkable efficiency. Her proficiency in technology and business software has been invaluable to me, simplifying what would otherwise be daunting tasks. Not only did she provide unwavering support, but she also patiently imparted her knowledge, empowering me to navigate the complexities of online business operations with grace and ease.

If I were to rate Bradley and his team, they would undoubtedly exceed any conventional scale. They deserve not just five, but six stars for their unparalleled dedication and expertise. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Bradley and his team to anyone seeking transformative business guidance. Engaging with them is a decision you will not regret—it’s a partnership that promises growth and success beyond measure.


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"It was an absolute pleasure working with Majik Media on completing my online course for corporate clients. The team not only made the process simple - they made it fun! The course has been a huge success, paying for itself and helping dozens of managers strengthen their leadership skills."
Dr. Deirdre Anderson
Client & Partner

Case Study

Bradley Morris Meditations

The Meditation Majik Library provides a collection of guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, and stress.


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Majik Kids

Magical Kids creates magical Audio Stories, Illustrated Books, Meditations & Homeschooling Activities to Inspire Kids’ Imagination, Creativity & Joy Sparkle.


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School of Mythopoetics

The School of Mythopoetics brings together master teachers and guides who offer compelling perspectives on mythology, ritual, activism & culture. It’s the reawakening of the mythic imagination in modern times.


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Radiance Sutras School of Meditation


100 years of combined wisdom leveraged and consolidated into their dream school and community for meditators alike.

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Agents of Awakening Online Community

Finally – a private, peaceful place to gather their community and offer their dozen-or-so programs (away from Facebook).

"Bradley and the team at Majik Media have done it again! GOING MIGHTY is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants step-by-step guidance for how to launch a successful Mighty Network. This course is fun, inspiring, and full of helpful examples.”
Gina Bianchini
CEO - Mighty Networks
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Going Mighty

We created a course for Mighty Networks to help their users get the most out of the platform.

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Case Study

Marketing For Hippies

Read how Marketing For Hippies founder, Tad Hargrave consolidated his life’s work and generated $120,000 in pre-sales revenue in the process.

Case Study

The $386K Year

How we took one of our partners from having 9000 followers on YouTube to making $386K USD in a year.

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Misfit to Maverick

A community for coaches who want to do things their own way.
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Case Study

Survive The Storms

An interactive online adventure that helps you create a real-life disaster preparedness plan in just 7-days.
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CEO of Me, Inc.

Dr. Deirde Anderson is a renown speaker who coaches individuals & executives to be the CEO of their own lives.

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Global Scaling Academy

To better leverage & serve their network of founders, investors & innovators, we helped build the GSA.

"Within our first group call, we could tell how different Majik Mind was to other business coaching we'd received in the past. By the end of week 1, we were ALL IN.

The range of teaching topics, the library of really grounded/practical courses, the 'workshop-style' format of live teachings (which meant we actually got the work done then & there rather than trying to carve out more windows to 'go back over and do what we need to do) AND the epic, open, inspiring community of genuine heart-centred business builders adds so much. Being able to attend the 3 x live-weekly calls helped us develop such a strong, yet adaptive work strategy & everything we are implementing is working.

Last month was our biggest month of sales, and it all seemed so effortless! The actual sales-part literally came TO US from the marketing strategies Bradley has given us. We highly recommend joining the Majik Mind to anyone seeking grounded, practical, inspired & connected support. Bradley is so generous in his mastery, saving us years & years of pushing uphill."
"Bradley’s insight and knowledge have bumped up my company’s performance and bottom line considerably. I have nothing but praise for this transformation that I could not have done with out Majik Media. New workflows, improved video production and marketing strategies have moved me and my company into a whole new level of professional performance."
Tina Spalding
Client & Partner

How Partnerships Work

Instead of hiring us, we invest in your success and go into business with you.


Instead of paying us $50-100K+ for your project. You pay a much smaller amount up front.


 We then create an awesome strategy, support you with pre-sales & build your dream platform for you.


We celebrate the success by  revenue sharing. Post launch, we refine, improve & continue growing.

"Brad is insanely good at honing in and getting me clear about my next steps. In one private session we whiteboarded out a strategy that informed my marketing efforts for the next 6 months! For 6 months, whenever I wondered what to do next, I would look at that strategy page. Powerful, instant focus."
Christina Pax
Client & Partner