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Imagine Thriving in Business WITHOUT Social Media

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well and inspired. I understand the challenges that most entrepreneurs face in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media. The consensus seems to be clear:

The conventional approach to social media is exhausting, time-consuming, and often yields minimal financial rewards. The good news? My colleague, Bradley T. Morris from Majik Media has figured out an alternative way that doesn’t require a heavy reliance on social media.

Bradley left social media 7+ years ago when his son Sauryn was born and had to figure out a way to continually grow his business and audience without the reliance on these big tech social platforms.

Bradley created a PDF & Masterclass that shares the 18 Relationships-Based Strategies he’s used to grow his companies (Majik Media & Majik Kids), as well as the businesses of his clients & partners.



The PDF will take less than 10 minutes to read and I can guarantee it will inspire you to think outside the social media matrix you find yourself in right now.

Let me know what you think!

Best regards,

[Promotional Partner’s Name]


Email 2:

18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies OFF Social Media

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this message finds you in good spirits. Today, I want to share a remarkable story that has inspired not only me but thousands of entrepreneurs seeking a different path to success than being on social media.

Bradley T. Morris, the visionary mind behind Majik Media, made a pivotal decision to leave social media, and it transformed his life and business. The reasons are profound, ranging from reclaiming precious moments with family to escaping the addictive grip of constant connectivity.

Want to learn the secrets behind Bradley’s unconventional marketing approaches that fueled Majik Media’s growth year-after-year since leaving social media?

Look no further. Bradley has put together a PDF, “Thriving in Business Without Social Media,” where he shares 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies.

What could leaving social media do for your life and business?

Bradley’s story and marketing practices might just hold the key for you.



May you learn to thrive in on your terms!

Warm regards,

[Promotional Partner’s Name]


Email 3:

Social Media ROI Leaving You Frustrated? Discover Alternatives with Bradley T. Morris

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

Are you tired of the ever-changing algorithms, short attention spans, and the escalating costs associated with social media marketing?

You’re not alone, and Bradley T. Morris from Majik Media has an inspiring alternative solution for you… which you’ve probably not heard elsewhere…

Having worked with so many entrepreneurs, I’ve witnessed the challenges most businesses face on social media. Bradley’s insights into the limitations of traditional social media practices are eye-opening, and he’s sharing the strategies that propelled Majik Media’s success — without being on social media for the last 7 years (since his son was born).

If you’re ready to explore alternative marketing approaches that deliver real results, download Bradley’s PDF & join his Masterclass, “Thriving in Business Without Social Media.”



Bradley will teach you the 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies he has used to grow Majik Media. These are game-changers.

Best of all, the PDF will only take you 10 minutes to read — and it could change the entire trajectory of your life and business.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of social media marketing and embrace a new era of business growth, based on leveraging relationships. Click here to download the PDF, sign up for the Masterclass and revolutionize your approach to marketing.

Here’s to your success!

Best regards,

[Promotional Partner’s Name]


Social Media Posts

  1. 🌟 Ready to THRIVE in business without the social media chaos? Discover the game-changing strategies Bradley T. Morris used to grow Majik Media WITHOUT relying on social media the last seven years. 🚀 Download his FREE PDF that lays out the 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies you can use to grow your biz without social media: [Link] Or join his 60-minute Masterclass here [Link] #BusinessSuccess #RelationshipsOverSocial

  2. 🌐 Unleash the power of Relationships-Based Marketing! Bradley T. Morris left social media 7 years ago and still soared to success. Now, he’s sharing his 18 strategies in a quick-read PDF. 📈 Ready to transform your business? Download it here: [Link] Or join his 60-minute Masterclass here [Link] #MarketingRevolution #NoSocialMedia

  3. 😩 Frustrated with social media ROI? Break free from the the endless cycle of posting and hoping! Bradley T. Morris has cracked the code with 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies. 🚀 Download his free PDF (10 min read) and revolutionize your approach to marketing: [Link]  Or join his 60-minute masterclass [Link] #MarketingAlternatives #BusinessGrowth

  4. 🚫 Say goodbye to the exhaustion of social media marketing! Bradley T. Morris has been thriving WITHOUT it for 7 years. Want to know how? Get his PDF revealing 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies. 📖 Grab your copy now: [LinkOr join his 60-Minute Masterclass [Link] #ThrivingWithoutSocial #GameChanger

  5. 🌟 Tired of the constant social media changes? Bradley T. Morris found a different path to success! Discover the 18 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies that transformed Majik Media. 🚀 Download the PDF here: [Link] Or join his 60-Minute Masterclass [Link] #BusinessTransformation #NoSocialMediaNoProblem



See the Workshop & PDF You'll Be Promoting

Tired of the social media grind dictating your business’s fate? Discover an alternative relationships-based marketing philosophy that can help you to grow your business beyond the confines of social platforms & your current income ceilings.

Join us for a 60-Minute Masterclass + Q&A with Bradley T. Morris, founder of Majik Media & Majik Kids, for a journey that breaks free from the social media trap.

In this session, you’ll uncover:

  • The powerful reality of Bradley’s departure from social media six years ago.

  • How his lifestyle, creativity and business thrived exponentially (eventually) after leaving the social media attention trap.

  • TEN alternative marketing strategies that fueled consistent year-after-year business expansion, all without relying on social media.


Expect nothing less than an unfiltered, empowering marketing workshop that dismantles the myth that success hinges on giving away your private data and creative energy to tech giants. It’s time to reclaim your dreams and join Bradley on this inspiring path of authentic business growth.

Sign up today and rewrite the rules of your entrepreneurial journey.


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Thriving in Business Without Social Media Masterclass

Bradley Bio Pic

Bradley T. Morris


Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet a true creative force. For nearly two decades, Bradley T. Morris has been revolutionizing the world of online creation, coaching, and entrepreneurship. This guy has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and he’s on a mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth.

From mind-expanding viral videos to binge-worthy courses, to his audio meditation library that has reached millions of people, not only transforming countless lives, but also achieving remarkable financial success, Bradley has left a lasting impact on countless individuals. His online communities thrive harder than your neighbor’s tomato garden, and his Majik Kids App will make your head spin. With over 500 transformational workshops under his belt, he’s a true expert in his field.

But wait, there’s more! In 2016, Bradley took a bold step away from social media in search of real-world connection. Six years later, he emerged with his revolutionary masterclass, Biz Without Social, teaching thousands of creators to thrive and flourish outside the confines of the virtual world.

Now, Bradley and his 6-year-old sidekick are tearing up the business world as a dynamic duo with, their Fair Trade publishing and production company, they’re rewriting the rules and giving artists a whopping 50% of the revenue.

With Majik Kids, get ready for the most magical audio stories, music, imagination meditations, illustrated books, and fun learning activities that are off the charts fun. It’s a world where screen time takes a back seat and the flames of imagination, creativity, and confidence are ignited in your little wizards.

And here’s the kicker: Bradley also plays professional golf as his passion hobby.

So get ready, because Bradley T. Morris is here to unleash your true potential. With his sense of humor, possibilities mindset, and a twinkle in his eye. He is here to inspire, activate, and transform your life and business like never before. Get ready to make magic together.






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