TV Shows Make Pilot Episodes. You Should Make a Pilot Video Lesson Before Producing a Course.

You should make a pilot lesson

Building courses is a lot of work and can take a long time… especially if you’re doing a good job of it. 

It may take you weeks, months, or possibly an entire year to produce the course you’re envisioning in your mind.

As a way to test your course idea, theme and production-style, I encourage you to create a “Minimal Viable Video Lesson.”

Think about this: TV Shows don’t just produce an entire show and then launch it to the world. They first create a pilot episode to make sure their idea is a good one. Once they get the network & audience feedback needed (AKA: validation), they go on and produce the entire first season.

You should approach producing your course the same way. Create a “pilot lesson,” before producing your entire course.

Listen to this quick audio clip that explains some of the benefits:

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Don’t get me wrong, just because it’s a “Pilot Lesson” doesn’t mean you should do a poor job producing it. No no… quite the opposite actually.

You should do a really good job and produce it at the quality and style that you’d imagine producing your entire course.

This is an opportunity to try out your crazy, creative theme ideas to see if they land home, if they’re effective and if they’d be duplicatable when applying them to producing an entire course worth of video lessons.

Test your pilot lesson on your audience, on social media and anywhere else you can submit it. Get as much feedback as you can:

  • Are people liking it?
  • Are they asking for more?
  • Did you enjoy producing it?
  • Do you want to create more?

Chances are, by the time you produce your Pilot Lesson, you’ll have enough feedback and experience to know if this is something worth taking further.

The very worst-case scenario is the feedback you receive isn’t all that awesome, in which case you either choose not to go forward with the idea anymore, OR you refine & improve your approach.

Either way, you will save yourself hours, weeks, months and possibly a year of your life. Doing a “Pilot Lesson” is worth the time and effort. So do it. 

What is a course idea you’ve been thinking about? What is ONE Pilot Lesson you could produce this week to see if the idea has wings to fly?

If you already produced a Pilot Lesson or if you’re working on it, post it in the Majik Media Membership when it’s up! We’d love to see.

Hope this inspires you to make some Majik this week!