Reduce Marketing Overwhelm & Accelerate Growth with the EAR$ Framework with Jeremy Enns & Bradley Morris

As a creative business owner, you’ve probably struggled with marketing at one time or another.

You know your business and creative platform won’t grow themselves, and that you need to market your work…

And yet, when it comes to actually doing that marketing, you get overwhelmed, intimidated, and ultimately… stuck.

The good news is that marketing doesn’t need to be as complicated as marketing gurus often make it out to be.

In fact, every effective marketing strategy is built around solving just 4 simple problems.

In this workshop, Jeremy Enns, founder of Podcast Marketing Academy will share:

• The 4 categories that make up every effective marketing system
• How to audit your existing marketing strategy to find the gaps
• Specific ideas on how to approach each category for your business or creative platform
• And more

You’ll walk away with a crystal clear understanding of how marketing actually works, and why you don’t need a marketing degree to do honest, effective, authentic marketing.