How to Build a Profitable Business Around your Biggest Passions with Sean Ogle (

Sean Ogle on how to be profitable in your biggest passion

Sean Ogle from grew up always doing the right & easy thing. The thing he was “supposed to do” or “should do.”

For the last 11 years, he has traveled all over the world checking things off his bucket list, while teaching solo entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses around their biggest passions.

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In this 40-minute inspiring conversation, Sean and I talk about:

  • Sean’s story of going from a boring, predictable office job to literally living every dream he could imagine.
  • His advice to someone who’s been working hard, but hardly getting any traction… (don’t give up!)
  • How freelance writing can be one of the most lucrative and perfect “bridge businesses or incomes” to help you make the transition into a full-time entrepreneur, without having to get a job working for “the Man.”
  • How Sean has used storytelling across multiple mediums to grow his three different businesses over the years.
  • How choosing a Niche within a Niche can be your ticket to profits.
  • Advice for anyone building a membership site right now.
  • Sean’s favourite part of his “job” within Location Rebel.
  • His marketing strategy for his three different businesses.
  • And a whole lot more inspiring, fantastic advice giving.

About Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the founder of Location Rebel where he helps people build businesses that give them the time & freedom to spend more time doing the things they enjoy in life. For him, that means golf and a quest to find the perfect cocktail, which he also writes about on his websites Breaking Eighty and Slightly Pretentious.

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