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Hello Majik Makers & Hippiepreneurs!

You may have heard that we (Tad & Bradley) are collaborating on an big training this fall called, “Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop,” where we will guide you through the process of designing, delivering & then virtually touring a powerful 60-minute intro workshop that you can deliver again and again.

If you are tired of being on social media to grow your life’s work and you’d love to implement the most simple, scalable and satisfying marketing strategy to grow your audience, email list and income, then this is THE training you will want to attend this September 12 – December 5. 

This is the same strategy Tad implemented to grow Marketing for Hippies in his early years. It is the same strategy Bradley used to deliver his Thriving in Business without Social Media workshop to 4000+ people.

To prepare you for the training, we are offering a bunch of free LIVE workshops throughout the summer months that you will be excited to attend. Sign up once to attend them all & receive the event recordings. 

We can’t wait to make majik with you all — feel free to invite your friends, clients or list.

This promises to be fun and activating for you and your business. 

Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media + Majik Kids)
& Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies)


Write your Origins Story Workshop

June 26th, 1pm - 2pm PST

How did you come to do the work you do in the world? Something powerful must have happened in your life that led you to this moment. In this workshop, we will explore your Origins Story and how to tell it in a captivating way that creates relatability and relevancy to potential students and clients. Fun will be had!

Choose your Signature Workshop Topic and Niche

July 5th, 9:30 - 10:30am PST

The first and potentially most important step to crafting a powerful, relevant Signature Workshop is choosing the right topic and niche. This workshop will help you land on the perfect entry point for new audiences to enter into the world of your work with you.

Puff the Hippie Dragon - Point of View Workshop

July 18th, 11am - 12pm PST

We’ve all seen Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank where budding entrepreneurs pitch their idea to investors. In this playful workshop, you’ll  be guided to explain your Point of View and then have the chance to “pitch” your unique Point of View to the group for feedback.

Draw your Map - The Elements to get from Point A to B

August 15th, 11am - 12pm PST

The most influential thought leaders and teachers have frameworks and models that their life’s work is based on. If you can offer a client or potential student a visual representation of the transformational journey you take them on (point A to B), they will be way more likely to join you on that adventure. This workshop helps lay that foundation.

Thrive in Biz Without Social Media: Bradley's Signature Workshop

September 5th, 9:30am - 10:30am PST

Bradley left social media in 2016 and in this workshop, he will teach you the 19 Relationships-Based Marketing Strategies that have grown his and his client’s businesses year-after-year since leaving — and can 100% support you to build your beautiful business without ever needing to log onto social media again!

Marketing for Hippies 101: Tad's Signature Workshop

September 9th, 11am - 12pm PST

In this workshop, you will understand the core strategies on how to market your business in a way that’s genuinely good-vibes, deeply respectful, trauma-informed, consent-based, conscience-driven, courteous, and that honours the dignity of everyone involved (including you). Tad has spent 20 years figuring this stuff out, so you can ethically market and make money in ways that align with your vision and values.

Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop

Live Training Runs from September 12th - December 5th, 2024

Apply the simplest, most effective, scalable marketing strategy to expand your email list, grow your revenue and reach untapped audiences… Without Social Media!

Imagine not ever having to rely on social media again!

The average Creator wastes 50+ hours each month on ineffective social media marketing strategies that offer minimal returns on their investment of time, energy and creativity.

There are better ways to  grow your life’s work…

  • You CAN consistently grow your email list, audience, and client base every month – without relying on social media.
  • You CAN focus on the parts of your work that bring you the most joy; such as teaching and transforming lives.
  • You CAN replace your social media (un)strategy, with ONE simple, highly effective, scalable & fulfilling marketing strategy.
  • You can take back your time, creativity, hobbies & braincells!

This training is going to simplify and transform your marketing strategy, free up a ton of time and give you the simple, fulfilling, effective marketing plan you’ve always wanted.