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Watch Tad'S POV On Why Signature Workshops are Powerful Strategies for Growing your Audience, Impact & Revenue

Hello Majik Partner,

Thank you so much for your desire to promote the “Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop” training that Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) and I will be leading between September 12 – December 5th, where participants will be supported to:

1. Design a powerful 60-minute signature workshop.

2. Map out the curriculum and student experience.

3. Follow a 21-day content marketing strategy to fill up their first workshop.

4. Deliver their first workshop live to their audience & then adjust and improve it.

5. Follow our templates and processes to take that workshop on Tour.

This has been the most simple, effective and scalable model for growing my Majik Media audience, and I promise your people will be in very good hands. On this page are all the copy/paste promo emails and social media posts, as well as any relevant information you may need to share this training with your audience.

If you need anything, contact me directly at 

Much Gratitude,


PROMOTE ANYTIME: ‘The Always Early Bird Experiment’

To prevent everyone from signing up in the last 48 hours of the launch, we’re experimenting with a pricing strategy, where the price goes up by $100 on the 1st of each month until it reaches $995 on September 1st. Whenever you decide to promote, be sure to let your audience know that the price is increasing on the 1st! 


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1. Host Bradley’s “Thriving in Business without Social Media Workshop” for your audience. (BOOK A DATE HERE)

2. Invite Bradley &/or Tad to be a guest on your Podcast, YouTube channel or community.
3. Copy/Paste the pre-written emails and social media posts, and share them with your audience.
4. Share the videos at the bottom of the Sales Page with your audience to educate them on Signature Workshops and why this can help them expand their audience without social media. 
5. Send direct referrals to Bradley via if you have clients who are a fit.
It is suggested that you email your audience 2-3 times about this Training in a 2-week focused period. But the dates & how you promote are up to you. If you want to brainstorm, email me at 


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Promotional Email 1: 

Transform Your Business with Signature Workshops – No Social Media Required

Subject Line: Revolutionize Your Business: Tour a Signature Workshops!

Email Body:

Dear [Name],

If you’ve ever felt trapped in the relentless cycle of social media marketing, constantly chasing new strategies with little to no return, you’re not alone. But what if I told you there’s a more effective, fulfilling way to grow your business, expand your audience, and secure perfect-fit clients?

Introducing the ‘Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop’ training with Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing or Hippies). This training has been designed to free you from the clutches of social media and reinvigorate your passion for teaching and transforming lives (the best kind of marketing you can do). This is your invitation to embark on a journey that promises not just growth, but a profound transformation in how you connect with new and existing audiences and share your unique gifts.

A Journey Away from Social Media

Imagine breaking free from the social media grind, reclaiming your time, and investing it in what truly matters – making a real impact on people’s lives through your work. Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) made this leap in 2016, choosing to focus on what really matters in life: RELATIONSHIPS!

This new path led him to discover the power of crafting and touring a Signature Workshop virtually. 

The result? An astounding growth in his audience, with an email list expanded by over 4000 individuals in 2023 from just 20 workshops taught, and his programs and communities flourishing like never before.

Your Guide to Signature Workshop Success

This training is not just about escaping social media; it’s about embracing a marketing strategy that is simple, effective, and infinitely scalable. Through the comprehensive 12-week live community experience, you’ll journey through the creation, design, marketing, and delivery of your Signature Workshop, ensuring you have a clear, impactful message and a direct path to your audience’s heart. 

From Crafting to Touring: A Step-by-Step Process

Bradley & Tad’s training kicks off on September 12th, guiding you from the fundamentals of niching your workshop with expert insights from Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies, to designing your workshop, crafting irresistible offers, and devising a straightforward yet powerful marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on social media. You’ll learn how to create an engaging experience for your participants, delivering your workshop with confidence and finally, taking it on a successful virtual tour (templates & systems for scaleability included).

Why This Training is Unparalleled

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Engage in real-time with experts and peers, ensuring immediate feedback and actionable insights.
  • Proven Templates: Gain access to email, website templates, and strategies that have already brought success to many.
  • Vibrant Community Support: Join a community of like-minded creators for continuous support, motivation, shared learning AND hosting each other’s workshops!!
  • Real Success Stories: Be inspired by the achievements of past participants like Cynthia Hauk, who successfully launched her Signature Workshop, enrolling over 450 participants in her first time delivering it.

Early Bird Special

Enjoy this transformative journey at an exclusive early bird price. The price will incrementally increase by $100 on the 1st of each month until it reaches the full price of $995, so seize this opportunity to invest in your growth and secure your spot at the best rate possible. 


Are you ready to step into a new era of business growth, free from the constraints of social media, and rich with genuine connections and transformations? 

Click here to Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop!

Begin your journey towards a more impactful, fulfilling business model that has you focusing where it counts; teaching and transforming lives!

Looking forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience,

[Your Name] 




Promotional Email 2: 

The Power of Signature Workshops

Subject Line Options:

  • Transform Your Business with Just One Workshop
  • Say Goodbye to Social Media Hassles
  • The Secret to Expanding Your Reach and Revenue


Email Body:

Dear [Name],

Ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of social media marketing? You’re not alone. But there’s a more fulfilling way to grow your business, expand your life’s work and connect with new audiences — that require ZERO time spent on social media. 

The answer? Touring a powerful Signature Workshop!

Tad Hargrave’s (Marketing for Hippies) Experience with Signature Workshops:

“Delivering Signature Workshops is not a new theory for me. It’s how I built my business in the early days. I toured around North America with an evening workshop called Marketing for Hippies 101. I did it for free. That was how I filled all of my weekend long workshops in the early days. I had no social media. I had no email newsletter to speak of. I had no plans, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no guidance or streamlined systems from anyone like Bradley to even help me design the thing. I was freestyling every time. If I’d had the kind of help that was in this program I’d have grown my business much faster.”

Why This Training Is Different

The Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop Training, goes beyond the basics, diving deep into the art and science of crafting powerful, transformational workshops that are the perfect entry point for new audiences to experience you for the firsthand, where in 60-minutes the get to:

– Hear a piece of your story.

– Understand your personal philosophy (and point of view).

– Have their first breakthrough experience or “ah-ha moment”

– Be called to Adventure and take the next steps if there is resonance.

 resonate and sell. It’s not just about filling seats; it’s about creating transformative experiences that lead to lasting client relationships.

Hear from Our Alumni
“Bradley’s approach transformed not just my marketing strategy, but how I view my role as a teacher and leader.” – Kim,

This training is coming up and the sooner you sign up, the more money you save. The price goes up by $100 on the first of every month!

Click here to join a community of creators who are all Crafting & Touring their Signature Workshops!

I know you’re going to love this.


[Your Name]



Promotional Email 3: 

Unleash Your Potential with Signature Workshops

Subject Line Options:

  • Break Free from Social Media and Grow Your Business
  • Craft a Signature Workshop that Speaks Volumes
  • Ready to more Transform Lives? Your Signature Workshop Awaits

Email Body:

Hello [Name],

Imagine connecting with your perfect audience and growing your business, all without spending endless hours on social media. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, it’s not just a dream. Bradley Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) have proven it’s possible, and now it’s your turn.

Bradley’s Journey
Ditching social media in 2016 after his son was born, Bradley had to discover a new way to grow his business and reach new audiences. The most effective of all strategies he’s discovered over the last 7 years of learning to leverage relationships and partnerships has been crafting and touring a signature workshop. 

For example, in 2023, he delivered his “Thriving in Biz without Social Media” signature workshop on 20 virtual stages and grew his email list by over 4000 people. When was the last time social media did that for you?

How would you like to do MORE teaching and LESS social media?
Bradley & Tad are teaming up to deliver the 12-Week “Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop Training,” which won’t just be another course; it promises to be a transformative experience for you and your business. Designed to take you from concept to execution, this training will equip you with the tools, strategies, and confidence to launch your own successful workshop.

By the end, not only will you have delivered your first workshop to your audience, but you will also have the foundation laid, templates & systems in place to literally TOUR your signature workshop from virtual stage-to-virtual stage!

From Our Participants
“Bradley’s guidance helped me turn my signature workshop dream into a reality. I had over 450 sign-ups in my first delivery!” – Cynthia Hauk, Mindful Creative Muse

Ready to step in front of new audiences and make a real impact to their lives AND your revenue? 

Click here to embark on this journey. 

This training is coming up and the sooner you sign up, the more money you save. The price goes up by $100 on the first of every month!

New audiences are waiting.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]



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Social Media Post 1:

Break free from your social media (un)strategy and watch your business soar to new heights! = Join Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) on a transformative journey to craft and tour your own Signature Workshop.  Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to impactful teaching! Click the link to learn more: []  #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing

Social Media Post 2:

Ready to transform lives and grow your business without the social media?  Dive deep into the art of crafting, delivering and touring a powerful, transformational Signature Workshop with Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies).  Unlock the secrets to reaching new audiences and expanding your email list (and income0! Don’t miss out, register now: [] #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing

Social Media Post 3:

Discover the power of Signature Workshops to expand your reach and revenue!  Say goodbye to social media overwhelm and hello to authentic connections. Join Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) on a 12-week journey to craft & tour your own Signature Workshop. Sign up now and save a bunch of money. [] #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing

Social Media Post 4:

Transform your business with just one workshop!  Say goodbye to social media hassles and hello to genuine connections. Dive deep into the world of crafting and touring your very own Signature Workshops with Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies). Don’t miss out on this life and business changing opportunity, enroll and save today: [] #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing

Social Media Post 5:

Ready to expand your reach and revenue without needing to participate in the social media grind?  Join Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) on a journey to craft and tour your own Signature Workshop.  Say hello to meaningful connections and goodbye to endless scrolling! Secure your spot and save today: [] #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing

Social Media Post 6:

Transform how you grow your business with a Signature Workshop!  Break free from social media overwhelm and connect with new audiences on a deeper level. Join Bradley T. Morris (Majik Media) and Tad Hargrave (Marketing for Hippies) for a transformative 12-week journey. Don’t miss out, register today: [] #SignatureWorkshop #MajikMedia #MarketingForHippies #NoMoreSocialMedia #RelationshipsMarketing


Educational Resources
Leverage these video lessons & spread them around

 See the magicians at work! Watch Bradley coach Tad to map out his Marketing for Hippies Signature Workshop in less than an hour. 

 In 20 years of entrepreneurship, I have never found a marketing strategy that is easier or more effective than this.

 Almost every marketing coach will say you HAVE to do these two things to grow your business. I disagree 100%!

 If you’ve been thinking about doing a Podcast tour, I am going to stop you before you waste your time & energy.

 If you are in the business of transforming lives, then you 100% need to create & tour a Signature Workshop.


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Bradley T. Morris

Executive Producer

Business Strategist, Author, Producer, Coach & Creative Director


Meet Bradley T. Morris, the dynamic creative force behind Majik Media & Majik Kids. With two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Bradley’s created viral videos, binge-worthy courses, and a meditation library reaching millions. He’s led over 500 transformational workshops, built a couple dozen thriving online communities and coached hundreds of creators to bring their visions to life in big, bold, beautiful ways. Bradley left social media in 2016 to focus on real-world connections, and in the process re-imagined how humans can do business. He went on to create & tour an incredibly popular Masterclass called, “Thriving in Business without Social Media” which has supported thousands of entrepreneurs to adopt relationships-based marketing strategies to grow their work in the world. In 2021, Bradley partnered with his son, Sauryn to launch Majik Kids where they offer, the most magical audio stories, music, meditation and learning activity library for kids, classes and families — paying their artists 50% of the revenue. As a hobby, Bradley plays professional golf and loves adventuring with his family and friends.

Tad Hargrave

Marketing For Hippies

Author, Creator & Coach


Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned to be a hippy again). 

He spent his late teens being schooled in a mixed bag of approaches to sales and marketing – some manipulative and some not. When that career ended, he spent a decade unlearning and unpacking what he’d been through.

How had he been swept up in it? Why didn’t those approaches work as well as advertised? Were there ways of marketing that both worked better and felt better to all involved?  It took him time but he began to find a better way to market.

By 2006, he had become one of the first, full-time ‘conscious business’ marketing coaches (for hippies) and created a business where he could share the understanding he had come to: Marketing could feel good. You didn’t have to choose between marketing that worked (but felt awful) or marketing that felt good (but got you no clients).

Since 2001, he has been touring his marketing workshopsaround Canada, the United States, Europe, and online, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow their organizations and businesses (without selling their souls). Instead of charging outrageous amounts, he started doing most of his events on a pay what you can basis. He is the author of sixteen books and workbooks on marketing.

Tad currently lives in Duncan, BC and his ancestors come primarily from Scotland with some from the Ukraine as well. He is now dedicated to spending the rest of his days preserving and fostering a more deeply respectful, beautiful and human culture.