Craft a Signature Workshop
Take it on a Virtual Tour
Grow your Audience & Income

(Without Needing Any Social Media Presence)

This is the simplest, most powerful marketing strategy for leveraging your life’s work and expanding your network. 

If you’re tired of seeing your Podcast Tours & Social Media posts fall flat, and you have had very little success in actually expanding your audience size, real-world impact and income by any stretch of the imagination, then it is time you crafted and toured your very own Signature Workshop!

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"Bradley and his team are a dream to work with. His Signature Workshop training goes narrow and deep into one of the most important, fast-acting and potent tactics that a service provider can use. My people are always thrilled with Bradley, as am I. Their systems are tight. Their instincts are good. Their vibe is high."

One Workshop to Grow your Audience, Income & Impact with Ease.

The average Creator wastes 40-80+ hours each month on their ineffective social media marketing or podcast marketing strategies – which offer minimal returns on their investment of time, talent, energy & creativity.  

  • What if you could consistently grow your email list and client base every month without relying on social media? 

  • What if you could focus on the aspects of your work that bring you the most fulfillment; such as teaching and transforming lives?

  • What if this marketing strategy was simple, scalable, effective & enjoyable; eliminating resistance, doubt & disappointment when it comes to marketing?

That’s exactly what we will support you with by guiding  you  to “Craft & Tour your Signature Workshop” via our Majik Media –  Done with you Services!

90 Days to Crafting & Touring your Signature Workshop

MONTH 1: Design It

The initial focus revolves around meticulously designing your workshop, sculpting it into a captivating and immersive experience that reflects your distinct style and resonates with your audience. Simultaneously, we delve into the creative realm of crafting a compelling slide deck, ensuring visual harmony and informational prowess. This visual storytelling not only enhances engagement but also reinforces the key messages you aim to impart. With each element meticulously curated, the inaugural month sets the stage for a workshop that is not just an event but an immersive journey into your expertise.

MONTH 2: Build It

In month two, we gear up for scalability by creating a captivating landing page and a media resource hub for prospective hosts. This involves writing all email marketing & social media copy; infusing it with a compelling mix of information and intrigue. We'll also write your workshop outreach & response emails for hub hosts, so touring your workshop can be as automated as possible. This transformative month sets the foundation to streamline the process for hub leaders to effortlessly host and promote your signature workshop. All of this will be done through our Majik Templates and processes!

MONTH 3: Deliver It

In the thrilling third month, we transition from preparation to action as we gear up to launch your signature workshop. Key tasks include setting up auto-booking links for seamless scheduling, crafting host outreach, response & onboarding emails for efficient communication, as well as your follow up email series for after the workshop. We will also research the first 100 contacts to kickstart outreach. The month culminates in a pivotal moment as you teach your workshop to your own audience, honing your delivery. Simultaneously, we embark on the exciting journey of outreach and booking for your workshop tour, laying the groundwork for a successful marketing campaign.

MONTH 4+: Tour It

With your Signature Workshop crafted and systems in place, the next phase is all about touring it across virtual and in-person stages. After each session, dedicated reflection time allows for continual improvement, including adjustments to your featured offer based on promotional priorities. What you will find is that MANY hosts hosts are eager to introduce your workshop to their audience, simplifying your role to showing up, teaching, inspiring, and transforming lives. This process not only amplifies your audience and impact but also enhances your income along the way. It's a journey filled with ease, excitement, and the joy of sharing your expertise with diverse audiences.

We Design It Together!

  • Signature Workshop Design Process; Story, Philosophy, Transformation, Sales Strategy.

  • Landing Page co-writing & design.

  • Custom Slide Deck Design.

  • Designing a Media Page for ease of hosting & promoting your Signature Workshop.

  • Research 100 Contacts to reach out for hosting your Signature Workshop.

  • Co-Writing outreach, response & follow up email series to potential workshop hosts.

  • Automated Response Email for when Hosts say say YES to hosting your workshop.

  • Setting up and integrating your calendar Booking Link for ease of hosting.

  • Customized sales strategy for end of workshop “Call to Adventure!”

  • Marketing Follow-Up email series to continue the conversation & invitation to join your paid program or services.

  • Majik Media will attend your first two workshops,  offering feedback on how to improve for the next ones.

  • Support with improvement implementations with slide deck and landing page.

Included in this Offer

My “Thriving in Business without Social Media” workshop grew my email list by more than 4000 people in just 16 workshop deliveries. When was the last time Social Media or Podcasts gave you that kind of return on your investment of time & energy? I am now working on a new Signature Workshop which I will tour in 2024 around, Transforming your Life’s Work into a Work of Art!”

Is it about time for a better strategy? 

Weekly Coaching Sessions for 12 Weeks

Get ready to have your creative juices filled with inspiration like you haven't experienced for a long time - if ever. These 75-minute coaching sessions are fun, productive and wonderfully inspirational. They'll be the best part of your work week and put you on the fast track!
Write your majik business plan

Proven Templates & Coaching Processes

The reason I am such a prolific creator is because every time I build something awesome, I create templates and systems around it, so I can do it again and again (maximizing scalability & creativity), and now I will share those Majik templates with you!

Co-Writing & Designing Every Element, Each Step

Words are like spells & teamwork makes the dream work. With our team of magicians, we'll co-design your workshop, marketing materials slides & host outreach experience, so you can spend more time teaching & less time banging your head against a wall!

Signature Workshop DWY Services

At the end of this 90-Day Business Transformation, you will have a Signature Workshop you’re proud of, that new audiences love, which you can then take on tour and teach to as many audiences as possible. This workshop becomes your marketing vehicle & the perfect entry point into your life’s work and all your other offerings.

You will also have the entire process set to be as automated as possible, making it easy to scale and repeat!

Included in this process is 6-Months in my Majik Mind membership (bonus value of $1500).


Done with You Services
$15,000 USD
Payment Plan of
3x Payments of $5,500 USD.
  • Everything Mentioned on this Page:
    12 Coaching/Design Sessions,
    Design & Co-Copywriting, Support from Team Majik,
    & All the Tech Set-Up
  • Templates & Support
  • Inspiration & Experience
  • Majik Mind Membership for 6 Months ($1500 value)

Don’t have $15K? Join my DIY Training for $995
or the Majik Mind Membership for $247/month!

Have Questions? Apply & we’ll set up a call!

Signature Workshop Testimonials

Bradley's Signature Workshop training is fantastic! I got so much done during each of the live sessions just by committing to show up and get the work done. I managed to create and deliver my talk all in the timeframe of the course. The response to my talk was great, and I received new clients as a result too! I'd definitely recommend the this if you're looking for a powerful way to share your work and grow your list.
The Signature Workshop training with Bradley moves your ideas forward in a much clearer way than if you try to figure it out on your own. It's super helpful for your whole business direction, not just your workshop. Bradley gives 100% to help you. It's a great experience.
Highly recommended - the focus is to get you to ACTUALLY create a course not just talk about it. Brad's style is assured, enthusiastic and encouraging, he is teaching what he knows and he adds lots of value in terms of templates and encouragement and support.
This training turned what had been a good idea in my head for the past five years into a reality in less than two months! This is absolutely changing my business!
I loved everything about this program! Bradley was amazing in taking us step by step through a journey to creating a workshop I feel proud to bring out into the world.
Bradley knows what is talking about and he will guide you through the process in an easy and flowing way! The result is guaranteed.
Lost to Found

Watch My Signature Workshop

This is my most recent version, hosted by Stephanie Benedetto from the Awakened Business. These workshops tend to have anywhere from 15 - 1100 people in attendance, depending on who hosts me.

Your Coach

Bradley T. Morris

Creative Director, Executive Producer, Coach & Author

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet a true creative force. For nearly two decades, Bradley T. Morris has been revolutionizing the world of online creation, coaching, and entrepreneurship. This guy has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, and he’s on a mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth.

From mind-expanding viral videos to binge-worthy courses, to his audio meditation library that has reached millions of people, not only transforming countless lives, but also achieving remarkable financial success, Bradley has left a lasting impact on countless individuals. His online communities thrive harder than your neighbor’s tomato garden, and his Majik Kids App will make your head spin. With over 500 transformational workshops under his belt, he’s a true expert in his field.

But wait, there’s more! In 2016, Bradley took a bold step away from social media in search of real-world connection. Six years later, he emerged with his revolutionary masterclass, Biz Without Social, teaching thousands of creators to thrive and flourish outside the confines of the virtual world.

Now, Bradley and his 6-year-old sidekick are tearing up the business world as a dynamic duo with, their Fair Trade publishing and production company, they’re rewriting the rules and giving artists a whopping 50% of the revenue. 

With Majik Kids, get ready for the most magical audio stories, music, imagination meditations, illustrated books, and fun learning activities that are off the charts fun. It’s a world where screen time takes a back seat and the flames of imagination, creativity, and confidence are ignited in your little wizards.

And here’s the kicker: Bradley also plays professional golf as his passion hobby. 

So get ready, because Bradley T. Morris is here to unleash your true potential. With his sense of humor, possibilities mindset, and a twinkle in his eye. He is here to inspire, activate, and transform your life and business like never before. Get ready to make magic together.