Social Media is Bull Sh!T – Stop Wasting your Time & Talent

What I am about to say is controversial in the online business-building world.

Many internet gurus will tell you that social media is essential…

That you need to hustle and grind away…

That you need to always be creating content…

That you need to hire someone to manage your social accounts…

That you need to spend money and learn ads…

Not only is that advice potentially hurting your business, but it’s probably also hurting your braincells and quality of life.

Think about it: How much time do you spend creating content for those platforms? How much time do you spend scrolling the news feed? How much time do you spend responding to people, liking posts & following folks you don’t care about.

I understand that many people will defend their time sucking addiction to the social dilemma of our time…

But is it really worth it. If you paid yourself $100 for every hour invested on those social media platforms and you added that up over the last 5 years, how much money would you have?

Is that amount of money sitting in your bank account right now as a result of those hours spent? My guess for 99% of you is, NO.

In this podcast, I question is Social Media really worth it:

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