CLIENT Testimonials

We don’t mean to brag, which is why we’ll let our awesome members and clients do the bragging for us. 

Enjoy reading some enthusiastic reviews about what it’s like working with us down.

"Partnering with Majik Media has taken my online business and media to a whole new level I never imagined possible. They bring a great mix of creative out-of-the-box thinking, highly professional media skills, and a realistic understanding of what it takes to thrive in the online business world. Together we created an online course like nothing the internet has seen before."
Chris Gilmour
Bradley and the team at Majik Media have done it again! GOING MIGHTY is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants step-by-step guidance for how to launch a successful Mighty Network. This course is fun, inspiring, and full of helpful examples.”
Gina Bianchini
CEO of Mighty Networks
I have been working with Bradley Morris and the Majik Media team for the last 6 months and have been very impressed with their performance and work ethic. Bradley’s insight and knowledge have bumped up my company’s performance and bottom line considerably and I have nothing but praise for this transformation that I could not have done with out Majik Media. New ways of working, improved video production and general knowledge of marketing strategies have moved me and my company, Tina Spalding Books Inc. into a whole new level of professional performance. I recommend Bradley Morris and Majik Media if you’d like to see a positive change in your growing business.
Tina Spalding
It was an absolute pleasure working with Majik Media on completing my online course for corporate clients. The team not only made the process simple - they made it fun! The course has been a huge success, paying for itself and helping dozens of managers strengthen their leadership skills.
dr. d
Dr. Deidre Anderson
"Brad is insanely good at honing in and getting me clear about my next steps. In one private session we whiteboarded out a strategy that informed my marketing efforts for the next 6 months! For 6 months, whenever I wondered what to do next, I would look at that strategy page. Powerful, instant focus.
Christina Pax


"If you are looking to package, price and share your knowledge with the online world, Majik Media is your place! The mountain is buzzing with a variety of course creators at all skill levels ready to help you and offer feedback. On top of the community support, there are tons of resources and tools for your success. Brad, an insightful, constructive and supportive leader and he consistently shows up… every week. Hands down, there is no other place like this in the world with everything you need to start and finish creating an engaging eCourse, plus have fun doing it because we GSD (get shit done) on the mountain."
Kathy Bass
"I did a LOT of research before choosing to go Majik Media. I was looking for something innovative, inspiring and cutting edge and I believe these guys are really creating a new frontier, and dreaming up the future of online educational experiences. I had a lot of great ideas but lacked the technological and online skills to get moving on them. This course is walking me through, step by step, everything I needed to get these ideas off the ground and out to the world."
Chris Gilmour
“By far the best online community and program I have been a part of; and I have joined 5 different online business programs. The support is genuine, and grounded in the reality of the challenges of the online industry. I feel honestly supported, not just lip service, but a real investment in my success.”
"Majik Media is THE FUTURE of online learning. I had the pleasure of interviewing them on the Online Course Creation Summit and not only were they a ton of fun, but they had tons of brilliant ideas to share. You don't want to miss this!"
Devin Slavin
Course Creators Network founder
"I've joined loads of online courses and memberships but I always end up dropping out or not contributing. But Majik Media has changed that! This is a place where people share, create and help each other. The team works so hard for their students and they're prepared to be vulnerable and share mistakes as well as successes. I've gained skills but much more importantly, I've gained self-belief and a new direction for my business.
Penny Claringbull
"The support, enthusiasm and kind encouragement is so refreshingly real, honest, and creatively inspiring at  Majik Media. As a solo-preneur I can get isolated and overwhelmed. The course structure helps me to stay on track, break things down into manageable steps, connect with other folks going through the same struggles and creates a solid container for creative inspiration to flow. I really appreciate the feedback and advice they so generously dish up."
Luma Catherine Malone
Majik Media has been a phenomenal experience for me. After I joined, my course objectives and outline became clear, the tech hurdles cleared and writing the actual course came easily. I had a step by step plan to launch my eCourse and I got further in 4 weeks with GEA than I had in the year before."
Deanna Gibbons
"I am blown away by the rich & detailed content that is offered so passionately & creatively at Majik Media. I feel supported every step of the way, allowing me to do my very best work."
Christy Greenwood
"I've never been more excited about creating an online course.  It used to be a long, tedious process with tepid results at best. Everything about Majik Media is fun and engaging. From going through the creative lessons to connecting with the supportive community to putting your new knowledge into action and creating your own e-course. They are with you every step of the way and if you ever get stuck or need help, they appear like magic, ready to guide you back on the path. Their coaching is invaluable."
Tree Franklyn
"Majik Media's course library is a perfect example of a learning experience so engaging that even my 10 year old son asks to watch the videos... over and over again! I've always had a feeling that the success of my courses would come down to how fun and engaging they were. Now I know I’m on my way to creating successful courses I will be proud to sell. After signing up I recommend you share your vision with the community for feedback. And let your ideas evolve. Don’t worry about how big your vision is, or how hard it may be to create. With the step by step guidance and the community support you'll be well on your way to creating the greatest e-course you can possibly imagine."
Paulo Ouellete
"I have tried to create an online course of study a number of times, but I kept getting frustrated with the way I was taught to do it.Now with Majik Media, I am so full of happiness to be creating an eCourse I can be proud of and excited to promote."
Akasha Madron