The Importance of Reflecting on our Hardships

I wanted to send you off into your long weekend with a powerful reflection process that I’ve been digging into myself. If you go all the way through it, it’ll leave you in a lighter, clearer, more inspired state.

Let me start by first saying, I see your light shining bright, your heart beating with a pure intention to create a more beautiful world for all, and the difficult path of entrepreneurship and creatorship that you’ve had to walk to arrive at this moment.

I know from my own experience the countless failures, setbacks, and disappointments that come with this path. Yet, it is precisely in these moments of hardship where the greatest spiritual growth await us.

I’ve walked this fine line for 18 years and have had more setbacks than I care to recall. But it is important to remember them. To feel them. To learn from them.

This week, I took the time to reflect on my own near two-decade journey. I wrote down every single disappointment, failure, and lesson learned that I could remember. It elicited a deep emotional response that had been suppressed for too long. However, it also generated immense gratitude and positive feelings.

Gratitude for my commitment to persevere, overcome fear and doubt, and keep going. I could have quit many many times over the years. But I didn’t…

Gratitude for the death of some ideas that seemed great at the time, but did not serve my highest good or the world’s.

Gratitude for the incredible schooling I’ve gone through from ABC = Always Be Creating. The skills I’ve developed, relationships I’ve formed, and wisdom I’ve gained from pouring my sweat, tears, and effort into this enterprise.

Reflecting on our hardships and gleaning the incredible hidden gifts they have to offer is essential to fully step forward and into our brightest future.

We can’t let past setbacks jade our outlook on the present and future.

If I did, I would’ve stopped myself from pursuing Majik Kids, building an app, or investing in the massive comedy commercial campaign we’re pulling together right now. But instead, challenges make me so present to the moment. That natural survival instinct brings me into clear seeing, feeling, and alignment. The drive to succeed and win this beautiful game fuels me to pick myself up, learn, grow, and move on with my life’s work.

We can’t allow our past failures to prevent us from dreaming bigger.

If I did, I would have settled for a life less desirable because it was “easier” to reach. But I don’t want an easy life. I want a life full of passion, opportunities for growth and discovery. I want to be financially wealthy so I can fund all the creative projects I dream up. Entrepreneurship has supported me to become a more powerful, confident and mighty person. It has shaped who I am and has supported me to create a vision worth living for, and for that, I am wildly grateful.

We can’t allow our previous disappointments to hold us back from taking the next important next steps.

Entrepreneurship is a long game. Often it feels like feeling our way through the dark. But trust and action meet each other on a day-to-day basis. I don’t have time or energy for stupid distractions or time wasters. I have important work to do in this life, and I know you do too.

If you are scared. If you feel old grief. If you are stuck. If you are discouraged. If you are frustrated from all the failed attempts. If you blame yourself for investing in a program you never used. If you are angry. If you are poorer than you care to admit. If you’re ready to give up OR you’ve already given up. If you’re on the verge of tears just reading this. If you’re looking at the world saying, “WTF am I to do?”

Then GOOD!!!

I’m glad you feel that way. Lean into it all the way — right now.

It is a gift. Don’t ignore it any longer.

Write a list of all your disappointments.

Bring that pain to the forefront of your mind.

Bring that sorrow to the surface, so you can no longer shove it down. Feel it with all your might. And then, let it flow through you. Let it go. Let the tears flow. Let the grief’s voice be heard. Let the old stories of who you once were or who the world told you to be, but have now outgrown… let it go.

Once you’ve felt as fully as you can, write out all the lessons you’ve learned from this journey. Choose from this cleansed space who you are going to be moving forward. You do get to decide after all, so write it out.

It is you who decides to zone out on social media or binge-watch shows.

It is also you who decides if you’re going to boldly take action today.

It is you who decides if this is the restart you’ve been waiting for.

Are you tired of the way things are?

Are you ready for more meaning and fulfillment?

Are you ready to wake up inspired to take your next steps?

Then claim it now.

It is cliché, but true… the world needs you.

Your local community needs your gifts.

The people around you need you to be empowered.

You being activated and courageous awakens that in others.

An influencer is simply one who stands in their power, unwavering in their convictions of who they are here to be and the difference they are here to make.

Be that influencer in your life. This is your time to shine.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult… in fact, it should be simple.

If you want to teach, then teach.
If you want to create, then create.
If you want to produce, then produce.
If you want to sing, then sing.
If you want to give, then give.
If you want to be a guide, then guide.
Show up every day with that simple clarity and committed action.

Find easy, repeatable ways to keep showing up again and again. It’s all it takes.

Choose a business model that reflects this simplicity.

If you need help with that business model, then come on that journey with me and design your Signature Workshop, Flagship Training and build an audio library that you can leverage and license (see the offerings below).

I honour who you are in this world and want nothing more than for you to feel lit up, creatively inspired and on fire with the gifts you’re here to share with the world.

So lean into those big, heavy feelings.

Reflect and celebrate the lessons you’ve learned.

Decide who you are going to be moving forward from here.

Make a simple plan and boldly take action every single day.

So be it.

I believe in myself and I believe in you. Just don’t give up on yourself & your vision…

I believe the way we turn this world around is each and every one of us claiming our gifts and offering them in as many ways as we possibly can, as often as we can.

I appreciate you for reading this and for the deep work you’re doing to own your awesomeness and express the shit out of it. Thank you for being you!