Produce your Majik Trailer (Mini Course & GSD Cash Game)

Produce Your Majik Trailer - GSD Cash Game Challenge

Watch the trailer!

(This simple, short trailer took less than 1-day to write, storyboard, produce & edit)

Have you produced a trailer you’re proud to share, that really sells all the benefits for your online course or membership site in a compelling and exciting way?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if in 5-weeks you could write, produce and launch your very own “Majik Trailer” for whatever product, subscription or service you’re selling?

Well, you can!

Join the “Produce your Majik Trailer” mini-course & GSD Game!

About the GSD Cash Game:

In the spirit of fun and friendly competition, we are offering this 5-Week Mini Course as a GSD Cash Prize Game for members of Majik Media.

Meaning, if you participate fully, you will not only launch an awesome trailer, but you will also have the chance to win some cash and get some private coaching.

About the 5-Week Live Mini Course:

WEEK 1: Research, Philosophy & Intentions (Sept 17)
  • Understand why your trailer is so important.
  • Learn what makes a trailer worthy of attention & work.
  • Map out your intentions for producing your majik trailer.
WEEK 2: Problems, Solutions & Word Play (Sept 24)
  • Every product solves a problem, what problem does yours’ solve?
  • Play with words, sentences, tone and call-to-action ideas.
  • Come up with a rough idea for your trailer.
WEEK 3: Script, Storyboard & Plan (Oct 1)
  • Write your powerful script.
  • Create a storyboard so you know what footage you need.
  • Make your production plan so you’re 100% prepared for shoot day.
WEEK 4: Shoot, Edit & Test (Oct 8)
  • Lights, Mic, Camera, Crew, Action!
  • Edit your footage and find your theme song.
  • Share your first draft and get feedback on what you’ve done.
WEEK 5: Edit, Improve & Share (Oct 15)
  • Make any final edits to your trailer.
  • Upload it to the Majik Trailer page inside the Majik Media membership.
  • Get more feedback from fellow participants and launch your trailer.
WEEK 6: The Premiere Launch and Feedback (Oct 22)

We will gather for about 90 minutes to reveal the top trailers, with feedback for the trailers that are shown.

The weekly classes will be 90-minutes. A 30-minute lesson, followed by 60-minute co-working lab, to get shit done alongside fellow members.

The Prizes & Promise:

After going through the creative process, receiving feedback & applying all the changes, you will have an awesome trailer that lives on your website, membership or course platform & social media page.

1st Place: $250 + 60-Minute Coaching session

2nd Place: 60-Minute Coaching Session

3rd Place: 30-Minute Coaching Session

Other Places: If you participate and produce a trailer, then you still win!!

The Cost:

The Dates:

  • Classes will be every Thursday from September 17th – October 15th from 10am – 11:30am PST.
  • The Premiere Launch & Feedback Session will be October 22nd at 10am.

*Non-Members must join our Majik Membership to participate in this GSD Game & Mini-Course*


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Produce your Majik Trailer!

*Non-Members must join our Majik Membership to participate in this GSD Game & Mini-Course*